Home is Where the Dog Runs Free

Back. As threatened. Home is where the dog runs free.

Mitey Mouse: Did you get shaken up by the tremor, Mindful? How about the other OK Morons and Ettes?

'Deed, I did, Mitey. I went from sound sleep to standing in the front doorway in seconds as I realized it was a major (for 'round here) quake. No damage that I've noticed, but it was like a freight train was in the driveway.

I know Sherry McEvil reported she felt it but her overbuilt house was okay. Saw a report from a Moron who was unfamiliar to me down near OKCity that reported in as doing okay.

Got to brag to the relatives in Calif. that we got the shaker today.

Some folks don't realize that a quake here in the middle of the country can have far more devastating effects than out in places like Calif. Long waves travel far and carry lots of damage. Read they registered it up in Milwaukee.