Hiding under the desks, exhibit A

attack site? ATTACK SITE? C'mere Google, I'll give you attack!!



Hiding under the desks, exhibit A: Russian meteor.

People running to the windows to see what was the pretty bright light got cut by flying shattered glass.

Kids in classroom where teacher said no no get away from the windows were not ripped up.

Sure, it won't help to hide under your desk if you're in the immediate blast area, and it won't matter if you're outside an affected zone, but in a certain range, just in case, get under the f'ing desk! There are all kinds of conditions that might cause a loud bang that sends glass flying, and if you see a 2nd sun, it might be a good idea to duck & cover, you see.

Like when the meteors start hitting DC and Mecca and SanFran and Sodom and a few other places almost as if someone was aiming. Shame about Moscow. I hear it was pretty.

Of course, school desks were bigger and sturdier back in those days.