Hi, MWW Thanks, As Always for Your Thoughts.


Thanks, as always for your thoughts. I was trying to link to the actual section of the whole book which is the sixteenth lesson-"The power of persevering prayer." I'm not really a Cavinistic. I weren't to a Calvinistic seminary but they didn't confer me t I go along with John Wesley who said something like, "Predestination is a pernicious doctrine." (No offense to the Calvinists here. It's just something we can disagree on). Our focus- whatever our particular slant of Christianity should be "Looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith." I think God being omniscient is not the same as determining beforehand who is going to be saved and who is not. The purpose of prayer, IMO is to so that God's will can become our will as far as possible in this life, so that we might become more like Christ, that God be glorified and that his Son be magnified and yes, like growth in anything it takes persistence. There's a whole lot of depth to the Lord's prayer that we don't get when we just say it by rote at church. Murray's book covers that too.

I like your thoughts particularly your last paragraph and thanks for the video.

Please pray for me. I want to glorify God in the place he has called me to, and my life is changing soon.

Grace and peace be with you.