Have Faith in the Power of Truth

browndog: I'm kicking myself for being open in my opinions, and I'm pissed that I'm going to pay a potentially huge price for being right.

That's unfortunate, but have faith in the power of truth. Soros is evil $#!+ from everything we know.

Too bad you couldn't stand up and reply, "You, sir, might strive to inform yourself and vet your golfing companions more closely."

It can be scary to be frank in public, online or off.

Twenty years ago, I'd written a couple of fairly mild (IMO) letters to the editor of the local rag. My son was arrested (on bogus charges of beating me up!), his lawyer overheard the D.A. ask if his Dad (me) was the person who wrote those angry (or something like that) letters to the newspaper?

Small town, and we'd just recently moved back with our family, were trying to start a business. I've never written the paper since.