Have a Great Day - Every Day!

The past two weeks, I waited until after 100 comments to add my silly 2¢ "bathroom reader" review. If the pace doesn't pick up, this thread may never get there. Okay, when I started writing this, there were

Actually, this book-but-not-a-read has a Famous Author.
Have a Great Day - Every Day!
by Mr Power of Positive Thinking himself, Norman Vincent Peale

I hear the title in the Perfesser's voice from Futurama. "Have a Great Day, Every Juan!"

The format is a year's worth of "inspirational messages," one for each day, in the category of devotional calendar.

So, let's open it up to Sep 21.

"Keep the mouth lines up. Smile and be happy. William James claimed that we are happy because we smile rather than we smile because we are happy. The smile comes first. It is also a fact that happiness in the heart puts a smile on the lips. Cultivate optimism, always looking on the bright side, and you will develop a happy state of life."

There was a memorable Sunday Zits comic strip on this line.

Oh, look, there's a Feb 29 entry: "… On this one day in Leap Year, God gives us an extra chance at living. …"


I'm all for positive thinking. Still, I think it's good these are meant to be taken only one per day, lest my argumentative inner grump be aroused by hoppy thawghts overdose.