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Fenelon Spoke: "The power of persevering prayer"

Thanks for following up from last thread. Opening that link in bg tab to read. Read read read. The thread's over 100 (as I start this) and I'm up to #7. I remember now how hard it is to type and read at the same time on a busy thread.

Fen, re persistence: I often think of that father with his epileptic and demon-infested son (I think the kid had both) who came to Jesus begging for healing. The father, who had watched his son suffer for so long, must have followed Jesus and the gang around until he tracked them down. He was then teased by the apostles' failure to help the boy. Even after Jesus arrives, the father has to wait while Jesus goes through his chiding the apostles. Even then, at the very gates of healing, the Dad is admonished by Jesus to have more faith, until he's in tears. (That magnificent line about "I do believe! Help my unbelief!" Mk 9)

If everything was set down from the Beginning, immutably, what is free will? why pray? Even whether one believes or not, it's all set and settled, some are chosen and some are not... that's the Calvinistic stuff, isn't it? as well as the hopeless determinism of materialism. Why would we ever bother sneaking up to touch the hem of the Lord's robe, or get our friends to lower us down through the roof? Otherwise, we are not just creations, but really are given the chance to be co-creators. Like all things in time and space, we have to work on it, though.

It doesn't really matter externally, I hope, because Jesus isn't physically around to go visit lately. Rather, as Jesus advised the woman who touched his robe, it's internal. Outward motion can inSpire us, but persistence, within, completes the journey. (Reminds me of the army training video I posted this morning. The powers that be are rooting for you when you fall, cheering you on, but you have to get up and cross that finish line on your own.)

/random religious musing

Ah, now I've missed even more comments. May have to return to lurk mode. Or learn to be concise & pithy. (Never been accused of that.)