Had to Map-Search Pocola, OK

Home and scanned the comments a bit, but tired and ready to be through.

Don't know where the Villa Fontana Apts in Tulsa, but that was where the fire was, video of that woman that went viral, right. Points for trying, but she wasn't quite up to the level of that classic other woman "ain't nobody got time for that".

I had to map-search Pocola, OK. Down SouthEast, I see. Bit far for a meet-up for me. 'specially since I can't even seem to get to Tulsa. They don't let me out very often.

Captain Whitebread is another Okie, but I can't recall where. Southwest? And I thought I saw someone the other day saying they were middle-north OK, but I didn't recognize and don't recall the handle.

Now, I'm through.

Good Night, Gracies.