God Sat Up There On That Big Throne

Stringer Davis: evangelizing atheists first posit a hairy-thunderer god and call that impossible...

Pretty much always, when someone describes the God they don't believe in, I have to agree, I wouldn't believe in that God, either.


Father of a friend once got into talking religion with me, out of the blue. He had come to America after WW2 with ten bucks in his pocket and a tattoo number on his arm, and built up quite a good business.

He told me that he had been taught that God sat up there on that big throne, with the book of Judgment, and if you ever did anything wrong, just once, you were doomed to hell.


I don't remember exactly what I said, but somehow I was inSpired to suggest that there was another idea of God that "a fellow" talked about two thousand years ago - that portrayed God as Father not Tyrant. Talked about forgiveness and stuff. I think I did. I was on auto-pilot.

I'll never forget his reply, though. From a glib, shallow-seeming businessman came this startling sincere reply.

"I'll think about that, (mindful), I really will."


I hope he did.


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