Gilda and Cookie

Random remark--

Couple nights ago, we watched Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in Gilda (1946). Actor who played Ford's assistant looked familiar, but I couldn't place him. One of those tough guys you can see in a hundred films. Looked him up tonight - Joe Sawyer. No wonder he was familiar - he was Sgt. O'Hara in a hundred Rin Tin Tins.

Tonight we watched a two-reeler (I guess - 1 hour) from 1935, George and Gracie in Here Comes Cookie. There was another tough-guy broken-nose character (actually called "Broken Nose" in the film) that I thought at first might be the same actor. But he was James Burke, who - if I've got this right - was Luke, the mug that Bogart took down a couple of times in Maltese Falcon.

I really admire those old hard-working character actors who maybe never got top billing, but filled a lot of roles.