George was really the ghost, not the mannequin

"...Mama still lives there..." -GGE

Uhhhh... little thing like that just slipped her mind, I suppose. Any other dealings with her? The ghost, I mean, not the landlady.


Generations of people had stories of being spooked in the old family place where we live. (Alcohol, and later other substances, may have been involved in some of these experiences.) There is an old Cherokee graveyard right here on the ranch. And some of my relatives buried here since the 1960s.

But the old house was abandoned for a quarter century. Book value of the house was $0.00 when we moved back, because you can't go lower. You know the line in "It's a Wonderful Life," where George says, "I wouldn't live there as a ghost!"? Yeah, I think our guy left in disgust.

At least, we've had no sign of such in the two decades we've been back. Probably because we still haven't brought the place back up to its old shape. siiigh

I don't believe in them, so having a ghost around really bothered me. But feeling he's gone, sometimes it's kind of like missing a long-gone pet. :\

My brother had brought a male mannequin to the house, which was named George and was dressed up and stood in a corner. Usually. When you wake up and the mannequin has moved to a different room, that's a little disquieting. Funny. But disquieting. Especially in the dim light at night on your way to the bathroom.

"Did you move George?" "No, why?" [hm]


"Did you move George?" ("Oh, right, I'm here by myself. Did I move George?") [hmmmm]

(After a few falls, George's face got bashed in, among other damage, and he quit moving.)