Foggy's Last Rally, Max Disappears

182 ...My heart belongs, as it always has, to ... etc etc etc!

Etc. [warm fuzzy feeling] Wow! I made the list!

Heh. Hi back, Mrs alThor

Today's good news bad news pet report.

Good news. Old shep, who could hardly stand up long enough to pee, now seems to be moving good distances around the yard. When we're not looking. Either he's getting better, or he's been playing us for suckers to get attention.

Sad news. Max is a feral male cat who never got snipped. He was becoming tamer and is very dear to us because just about a year ago he helped bring to us a lost yellow kitten, my little buddy Charlie. Max has not come home for four days. I'd like to think of him happily making little black kittens down the road somewhere, but the coyotes have been thick and close this year and I fear the worst. Maybe he'd've hung around the house more if we'd had his fancies removed, I don't know. Not the first cat to just vanish, but it's always hard and there's always something we could have done better.

Think I'll go see if I can find me some meteors.