Final Battles in the Long War?


Teachers in Oklahoma have not showed up to class in nine days.

Not only are these commie union creeps demanding more money from taxpayers, they're dictating tax laws. And the OK legislature and governor caved. Less than the commies wanted, but more than they should've got.

Gov Fallin has more spine than most GOP in Congress, but she's still squishy, alas. There was no chance she would do what needed to be done: Pull a Reagan Air Traffic Controllers sweep.

I read (can't find link) that Christian schools have had quite an upswing of inquiries since the strike started. Heh.

The teachers' actions seem practically like the Antifa or Black Losers Matter types, and especially anachronistic - and desperate! - in the Age of Trump.

Oklahoma’s striking teachers are intoxicated by their own demands (The Hill)
PolitiFact’s Double Standard Makes Oklahoma Teachers Look Poorer Than They Really Are (Federalist)


'New Yorker' Calls Chick-Fil-A 'Creepy,' 'Pervasive' for Being Christian

Ah, I see the New Yorker is projecting again, in the creepy, pervasive way they do.

CF-A just opened a branch here in town, reportedly to the usual great success, long lines and all that. Maybe we'll get around to chicking them out when the excitement dies down. We don't eat a lot of chicken, and never order it out, 1. because Milady's home cooking is so good and, B. up 'til now, we only had KFC in town.


Seems t'me the common thread between these two stories (and so many others) is that they are ongoing battles in the long-running war. The same diabolical forces motivate the media which fundamentally hate truth and oppose righteousness, and inspire the communism which turned public schools into anti-American, anti-family, anti-faith indoctrination factories.

They get more bold and open in their machinations because they think they've got the power and can't lose. They haven't absorbed the Hillary lesson yet. After decades of successfully infiltrating with their "forward" agenda, their evil plans now begin to fall apart, a seemingly mighty wave breaking weakly against granite cliffs of the faithful and righteous. Hillaryites retreat into hair on fire screaming at the sky while Trumpians push on for more #winning. It seems that the battle is becoming more intense, the masks mostly fallen and the sides clearly taken, as before a great final and deciding conflict. Loin girding advised.

(Or, just another day on weird old earth?)

Hey, chrissy, that article a while back about a Pope's vision of a 100-year unleashing of ol' Nick? That expiration date was coming up relatively soon, was it not? (link?)