Expiration Dates

Howdy, OverNighters.

Cracked and the Onion? Sorry, didn't think much of either one. Onion coulda been a text article, read in half the time. Wasn't the Onion funny once? Before reality surpassed it?

As to expiration dates, really? People pay attention to that?

I mean, yeah, I do.

Like, when you pour milk and it glorps out like buttermilk? Wouldn't give it to the dog.

Or, that banana that's totally black and soft with some white spots starting, so far gone that Milady won't even use it for banana bread? Toss it.

Or that last dollop in the quart bottle of tomato juice in the back of the fridge, with little mold islands floating on it? Out it goes.

Nature's expiration dates, of course.


Bouncing cookie-loving dog makes up for those.