Everything is inescapably going digital and nettified

Everything is inescapably going digital and nettified. Analog broadcasts? Paper trucker logs? Autos w/o black boxes? What today merely replaces old functions (meter reading) tomorrow can and will be used against you. The early smart meters are not the later smarter meters. Camel's nose. Gradualism, like how they come for the guns, eh? Info gathered can spy on you, control you, and doesn't have to "listen in on your conversations" (strawman) - anyway your smart tv is already doing that. Programs already exist which correlate your utilities and phone and credit card and other monitorable activities to deduce your behavior. But what difference does it make, right? Thank goodness we have a benign government!

Don't listen to me. I'm the guy who tapes over my cell's cameras and believes that the mic is always open.