Effective Okla. U.S. Senatorial Election Day

Effective Okla. U.S. Senatorial Election Day. I'm hoping the Silent Masses will turn out for TW Shannon, because the polls, the signage, the major media, the feeling I get say that Lankford is ahead. Shannon's backing by Lee, Cruz, Palin, and Levin is great, but I'm not sure his message got out there.

My dear, beloved fellow Oklahomans are so conservatively simple, they trust the GOP.

Which reminds me of this in the ONT:

"I've always known what sort of people they are, and I have always been infuriated by the fact that nobody on our side who reaches high office seems to comprehend what sort of people they are.

"Reagan didn't even get it to the extent that he needed to. George HW Bush was completely fucking oblivious to the fact that these people were his deadly enemies and would fuck him over any and every way they could, which they of course did.

"George W was too chummy with them as well.

"I always knew they would weaponize the government against us, and I have always advocated doing it to them first, but nobody took the threat seriously up till now, but I bet people are starting to wake the fuck up and figure out these Democrats are going to kill us if we don't fucking stop them!

"As I have mentioned, I'm a firm believer in the Curtis LeMay style of War and Politics. Nuke the fuckers, and you won't have to worry about them down the road."

Posted by: D-Lamp

I wasn't going to quote it all, but couldn't figure what to cut. Anyway, add RINOs to Democrats above. My point was the naivete of the electorate, especially regarding these desperate times.

Danged if Monty didn't post while I composed. I may have to get up and work if that's how things are.