Dear 53310761

From the number in the title, I first thought, it's to a prisoner; which, with Paul saying, "certain name mentioned," I was thinking, what, somebody's love song to Charles Manson or something?

Then, from the lyrics, I got to "barracks," which changed the prison to military.

Then I got "gave up your guitar for a gun," and there was no question.

Now, musically... anyone else notice the similarity between the basic melody and the Siamese Cats song from Lady and the Tramp? The bridge changes were sweet, sounded like something Harry Nilsson wrote for Olive Oyl in the Popeye movie.

And then, as ges said, those vocals!!

And, "...know your pop music history"? Yeah, it's easier to know when you lived it. wheeze

Wikipedia lists this on as Threeteens "with Duane Eddy"

But, Google "threeteens" and whattaya get?

Three teens injured in single-vehicle crash in Troutville
Three teens arrested in alleged burglary attempt
Three teens arrested for raping 16-year-old girl in woods of ...
Three teens charged in BB shooting spree aimed at St. Peters ...
Three teens charged in Havre de Grace fire
Flood water sweeps three teens away near McAllister Park

Obviously, this vocal group came to a bad end.