Daughter Has Done a Lot of Table-Waiting

Daughter has done a lot of table-waiting. Two non-tipper or low-tipper types stand out.

One is the folks who leave a little printed note about how their Christianity doesn't let them tip. Seriously. But serve us! Now!

The other is folks who don't understand the whole [draws breath] "below-minimum-wage-salary but tipping-minimum-based-on-sales presumed income for tax purposes" way things are set up: that basically, your server works for one boss, the restaurant, to deliver orders and take the prepared food away, and also works for another boss, the customer, waiting for you to dither over what kind of salad dressing you'll have (oh, the Ranch, then, I suppose), delivering the food taking away your cruddy plates... and that second boss is expected to show appreciation after the whole performance (like a street performer or something; yet when it works, good servers make out very well and if paid in cash hint hint might get more than the taxman-presumed minimum and then not report it because of having accidentally lost their cash records in a tragic boating accident on Dec 31).

In short, folks who don't tip because they're stupid about how it works, and folks who don't tip because they're religiously stupid about how it works.