Cynics And Curmudgeons Don't Bother Me

FenelonSpoke, if you're still around:

I was just kinda joking about getting depressed. I highly value Vic's news. And views. The cynics and curmudgeons don't bother me - and often they have some great points to make behind the cloud of Doom.

I also greatly appreciate your upbeat stuff, and just because it may not get the same response as downbeat news, don't think you aren't read and appreciated. Sometimes there's just less to be said to the good things. Tolkien had a line about that, sorta.

In any case, sounds a little like you're letting the snark and grump get you down. That's worrisome, since you are the official beacon of light around here. Have a chocolate chip cookie, ponder Jesus saying what does it matter to a believer if the whole world should pass away (where is that, I want to find the verse), smile a big smile, then plow on through the mud like it's fun.

And I'll try to take my own advice on that.