Credibility Gap or Not?

Jane, the Regressives "NEVER come right out and admit their goal" is certainly true, and that's the very reason I wondered about the Jarrett quote's validity right off the bat. The early date suggested young Val might not yet have learned to be so politic (see: Michelle Obama's college thesis for — rough — comparison), but the ValJar quote was suspiciously specific, like the "using freedom of religion against them" part.

However, I wonder what you want from Pete here, what you're augering for in your complaint. D'ya think the graphic should be removed now, so all the subsequent discussion about it points back to something that'd be missing?

It's not like Pete is arguing for its authenticity; when I questioned it, he acknowledged his source and that he hadn't done any further digging. Like he said, he passes things along, friendly fashion; don't expect the layers of fact-checking you get at CNN, MSNBC or the WSJ. [Pardon me while I recover from exhausting, side-splitting laughter.]

Furthermore, we've kicked the graphic around in comments, discussed its validity, or lack thereof, and joked, darkly, about its (to paraphrase Dan Rather) "maybe false, but valid" message. This honest discussion surely testifies to PoliNation's "credibility."

Just to be on the safe side, for the record, I'd better add, I'm pretty sure the Lincoln quote I posted wasn't 100% accurate.