Convincing of his divinity

"Convincing someone of his divinity is another matter."

One must convince oneself. But, that's the thing about the gospel records, the most reliable accounts we have.

If you accept that Jesus lived,

that e.g. feeding the five thousand and raising Lazarus were not tipped-in-later fables but real, even very public events,

that he was brilliant like nobody else,

and that he really claimed divinity, that indeed the entire capital charge against him (Jewish, not trumped-up Roman) was his unwavering claim to divinity,

that HE actually believed he was God, Son of, described heaven, forgave sins....

You're kind-of left with a major decision of your own: delusional or sane? Delusional is never so solid, consistent, and truth-enhancing as this wonderful teacher. If not delusional, then, if sane, then... whoa!