Confusion over Cashlessness

Hello, Moonbatterers!

Folks rightly take poor, confused Mr Suelo to task for his spongiferous support system, his abusing public places, etc. Everyday addlepatedness aside, these represent his confusion over "cashlessness." (Heh. Just the other day, I was carefully explaining to a 1st grader niece how trade is trade, money's just a storage medium. Not sure she got it, either.) As Chris in VA put it, "just an eccentric, hermitic moocher."

Not to excuse any of that, but the article says he's trying to be Christian and taking no government handouts. Those two factors separate this loner from the Government-as-God mobsters. I'm certainly not following, but for all his flawed economic ideas and not-all-that-unique religious idea about cash, he at least leads by example, as someone upstream suggested. That's kind-a important to me; he does not appear to be one of the tyrants who want to dictate that I have to live their way! :D