Chrissy's Back from the Brink

Usually, my prayers are answered with the Magic 8-ball reply of "Answer unclear. Ask again later." At best. I always hope that, as I've read, when a prayer is apparently unanswered, the delay often betokens a better answer, although one which is for some good reason greatly delayed. I get used to expecting the "greatly delayed" answer.

Just this morning, chatting with Mr God, I asked - as I often do, but today with special emphasis - for blessings of health for His faithful servant chrissy. Then when I tune in to PoliNation, there you are with a positive report. Wow! Don't often get that kind of fast, sure reply! :D

Not that I think my feeble 2¢ worth of supplications really make much difference, but with this positive reinforcement, I will surely continue them... just in case.

So good to "hear" from you, hyphenated one!