Buck Up

Weirddave: ...If someone claims that your normal behavior or beliefs offends them, the correct response is "Too bad". ...

TrivialPursuer: May I say "suck it up, buttercup!" instead, because I just like saying that so much more.

I was thinking I'd save this for the Book Thread tomorrow, but it seems relevant here. Replace "micro-trauma" with "micro-aggressions."

When you exercise fairly hard, you stress your muscles. You drain them of energy stores, and you actually injure them slightly. The stress of exercise is good, because it tears you down to build you back up a little stronger. You wear out little bits that need to be replaced after each use, requiring lots of fine tuning and minor repairs. This type of injury is called adaptive micro-trauma, and its critical to your growth and health. ...

(Pointed out to me by Milady, from Younger Next Year for Women by Chris Crowly and Henry S Lodge, MD)

I presume the parallel requires no explication. "Microaggressions" should make you stronger. Healthy thinking is to develop resilience. The regressives argue for perpetual butthurtedness instead.