Brother has Cancer


Little sister called tonight. Our oldest brother (73) has bad cancer, among other problems -- mostly medical but apparently some doctor-aggravated -- with possibly just weeks to live, if that. He had problems at Thanksgiving (I didn't notice, sister did) but he hadn't known the extent of them.

Sister is flying in tomorrow to drive Mom (96) up to Kansas to see him. I won't be going, because I have raging contagious flu.

Brother has had a long and interesting life, not always easy, including being one of the earliest polio victims cured. He just announced at Thanksgiving that he and his long-time girlfriend were married. That announcement has a different color now, of course.

A prayer for his peace, and also for our mother's, would not be unwelcome.

And, yes, cancer sucks.


Milady and I are going to sip some wine, watch some old fogie movies, and not think about the bodiless head of Dick Clark in a bell jar, dropping in Times Square - or was that a Futurama episode?

BBL8R or maybe next year.