Broken Up and Bullet-Pointed

Compound comment, broken up and bullet-pointed for your limited attention span.

Well, it was worth plowing through all the comments since my last one to see that someone, finally, mentioned Cairo (Kay-roh) Illinois. Didn't know there was a k-ro NY, too.

Correcting my earlier comment: Carl Albert was born in McAlester, Okla., but the family moved to Bugtussle one word, according to Wikipedia. Someone mentioned a Bug Tussle, Texas? Noo. There couldn't really be *two*?!?

Someone mentioned Madrid (Ma'drid not Ma-drid') Missouri, famous for its faults. Another Missouri town is Noel, pronounced "Noll" - long o, not like knoll.

Meanwhile, in NE Oklahoma, there's Miami (my-AM-uh).

My then-religiousy but geographically-challenged relative and his bride were driving through SE Okla and saw a sign for the town of Heavener. He said to her, "Why, we're heaven-ers. Let's go there." Pulled into town, asked how you pronounce the name. Local replied, "HEAVE-nehr." They drove on. Quickly.

I was born in Bartlesville, Okla. Not so weird - named after store owner Jake Bartles. But, the residents are called Bartians (rhymes with Martians). I don't live there.