Broken, Twisted Protective Casing

Soona: "They'll find the data recorder eventually. If the voice recorder survived, so did the data recorder."

Hey, neighbor.

Dunno 'bout that. IIRC, I saw a photo of the broken, twisted protective casing for the data recorder, absent contents. I'd presume, contents disintegrated.

Full speed impact head-on into a mountainside, I'm surprised they find anything that was in the front end of the plane (is that where the recorders are?), like any of psycho pilot's remains. But then, they supposedly found Atta's hardly-scorched passport within hours of the 9/11 NY hits.... IIRC

IAC, we know much of the basic data, and since it wasn't apparently a mechanical problem, can't imagine we'd learn much more from the data than we learned from radar, the voice recorder, and psycho pilot's doctor's notes, girlfriend and computer.