Bars Without Smoke!

Just passing through and decided to drop this on y'all.

Continuing my report from the People's Republic of Chicago, first time here after ten years away.

1 Took me a while to realize one significant change - Bars without smoke! Okay by me, but, damn Big Nanny!

2 What's with the alcohol per volume on beer menus, I wondered? Heard, that was since they changed the rules on beers here. Okay. Never knew there were any.

3 Old folkies still sing kumbaya (or the like) in unison, but boy! are they mostly geriatric. Will the circus be hoboken, by and by, genericdeityconcept, by and by...

More report on some sober(er) morning. Sorry for my cabernet-soaked blather.

Good night, Gracies. Gonna read the post now and retire. More Big City fun in the days ahead!