As the Union succumbs

Jor-El did his best to save his planet, but they would not listen. He was not resigned to Let It Explode. But when it was inevitable, he did what he could.


Say, the rhyme below stated out as a two-liner for a comment in the earlier thread, but grew. I was going to just post it on my site, but, after reading Drew's post, I thought I'd dump it here. Apologies if inappropriate.


As the Union succumbs
to the failure cascade,
Undoing the best
that our ancestors made,
Good citizens wonder,
as we lose our lands,
Where's the Nation we swore to,
for which that Flag stands?

Not found in D. C.,
only Lincoln's cold eyes;
Not taught in the schools,
brainwash jails in disguise;
Not on the T. V.,
Father never knows best.
Not found in the churches
where Lucifers nest.

Republicanism is lost,
the mob rules.
Tyranny by
a committee of fools.
No respect for Real law
Nor for Our Constitution,
This plague eats away
At each good institution.

No New World escape;
all the globe has been found.
No fleeing to Space,
NASA stares at the ground.
We're not just surrounded,
We've been infiltrated,
The enemy acted
while good people waited.

Laid seige, persecuted,
defeated, dispersed,
Liberty's torch
will shine out
through the worst,
That Spirit of 76
will inspire,
Those God-granted Rights
setting new hearts on fire.

Corruption may win,
no more once a great nation,
But some will retain
that Great Declaration,
And seek Independence,
that some day we'll see
A new home of the brave,
In the land of the Free.