Another longwindy caturday story

Another longwindy caturday story.

Littlest cat we've ever had walked up to my son (not the one who had Ony, the other son) at a gas station downtown and began rubbing up against him with take-me-home meows. Son phoned me and I told him absolutely positively not to take in another cat no way no how. Because that's always worked so well.

So, little Faithful joined us. She has one slightly bent-over ear. Real little. You could make four to six of her out of our biggest cat. Medium long-hair. Fuzzy and snuggly, but like a lot of little critters, can cut you in a flash. For no apparent reason. Finicky, too. Certain brand of fancy canned food only. (None of our farm cats gets to be finicky.)

My son and daugher, and Faithful, had been rooming together in an apartment, and recently moved into a house. Faithful began spraying places other than her catbox, very odd for her. Mostly my daughter's room. So, eventually, Daughter figured it out.

At the apartment, the catbox had been in the bathroom, but at the house, the bathroom is too small for a catbox. They had put the catbox off the kitchen, but Faithful apparently didn't like it.

So, my daughter got a shoebox and put some litter in it. (Faithful's so little!) And that seemed to resolve the problem. She wanted to pee and poo where you're supposed to.