An Actual Marriage

Bitter Clinger: ...still following an acknowledge[d] legal procedure...

Oh absolutely. In fact, the last thing we did was consult a lawyer to be sure our understanding was correct (and, as said, to change my will). Just implicit, not explicit, licensing - the state actually had nothing to do with "permitting" it was why I liked it. Freedom!

...both of you might be better off (say when you're older) to have an actual marriage.

Oh, FU on "actual marriage," you statist tyrant. You calling our kids bastards is fightin' words, sonny.

Thirty-six years of married life, legal and state-approved, is more actual than many a "licensed" marriage. Yeah, "when we're older" ... I'll think about that, junior.

Must be my cue to check out of this dump. Enjoy your Yoko, yokels.

Good night, Gracies.