Amber Alert Overloads

Wife's me cell just got the Amber Alert for the 2nd & 3rd time. No. Thank! You!!

Not asleep yet, and when I got to the end of comments, I saw that I needed to scrape off a nasty old sock, lest I not remember to do so later - you know how it goes - so, I figured, might as well leave a link here on the buffet while I'll at it. Just a little something I knocked out just to keep my hand in, y'know?

Billionaire Idiots
They Know Not Whereof They Speak. Or, Do They?
Quite from Will Rogers.

Nicked in link.
I mean, licked in nink.
Wait. Inked in nickle.
Never mind.

Goodnightagain, Gracies. 5am. Wake me.