Almighty Commander of the Legions of Heave

A day for folks like me who never served to just say, thanks.

I was 2-S 'til I dropped out of college, then "won" the draft lotteries.

One of the first things I did at college in 1970 was research how in heaven America had got embroiled in Viet Nam. No web. Library books and microfilche. (I was an idiot, too; I could've got a course credit for the work I did on my own.) Walter Cronkite had confused me. I needed to know more. I was surprised, for example, to find our involvement went back to Truman.

I never sided with the anti-war crowd, despised the ones who spit on vets, and wondered why Jane Fonda wasn't hung, but I didn't think the war or the draft were being run sensibly. I still think the same way, especially, why would you be in a fight if not to win?

I missed "my" war. I'm not all that disappointed, as I probably would've sneezed in the jungle and given our position away. There were no men raising me, certainly not any who would suggest the military might be a good idea. Can't say as I raised my sons to sign up, either, although I can see how both might have benefited. But I have taught them Respect, I hope.

Almighty Commander of the Legions of Heaven, save our country, correct replace our misguided representatives, enshrine Constitutional Republicanism in the hearts of the citizenry, protect liberty's defenders, and make their assigned missions rare, just, and swiftly won.