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Sat 2018 Apr 7

Sat 2018 Apr 7, 2:47pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

As one of our cats came meowering around the breakfast table, I said to Milady, you really need to check out Bluebird today - Caturday.

Oh yeah, she grinned, then asked, how does she do it every week? There can't be that many cat pictures on the web. (We both laugh heartily.)

You laugh, I said, but wait until you see what she's collected for today's theme!

We're down to only 3 old cats now, fewest we've had since the original "Mercury 7" kitten deluge in 1995. Except for when there were kittens, it's hard to think of any of our cats putting up with any of those storage units, together. Hiss. Scratch. Fur flies. A pack of deplorable territorial independents.

Actress, YouTuber, and infamous cat lady Anna Akana explained how she got all her cats in one picture - by taking several pictures and 'shopping them together. We'd have to do that. I have to wonder if any of the pix above were done that way - not that they appear to be, just because, you know, cats.

Fri 2018 Apr 6

Fri 2018 Apr 6, 8:23pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

I thought, I've seen this recently, I don't need to watch it. Then, of course, watched the whole thing. It's a stunt, but it shows off his talents remarkably well.

And no CGI! They had to glue down the items he moves at the beginning, hat, coats, chair. And everything else!

Fri 2018 Apr 6, 2:58pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

BoB: When my brothers and I were little we played with toy guns all the time. Cap guns were my favorite because I loved the smell of the caps.

Heh. Just posted this March 30:
The Smell of Nostalgia
Bang! Bang! And the bad guys go down!
(Cap gun refills)

Figure Pistol Pete knows all about this. :D

Thu 2018 Apr 5

Thu 2018 Apr 5, 10:31pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Thomas Anger: The console radio was my main source pre-TV...

Ah, thanks for making me feel young. I'm post-radio TV era, although I do remember TV test patterns, and adjusting the rabbit ears, the horizontal, the vertical, and the channel fine-tuning.

I've enjoyed catching up on many old radio shows over the decades, though. Great stuff.

Thu 2018 Apr 5, 8:31pm
On PoliNation

PP: Since few bother reading this…

If we are few, we are loyal, and appreciative.

"The next day I wore tap shoes." Hahahaaha

Thu 2018 Apr 5, 8:18pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Ah, yes! How people had fun in the pre-digital era!

I'll never forget when Grampaw would hitch up the hippo and we'd ride to town and point and laugh at the PIckle Quartet. We let the littlest armed boy gangs have the biggest fireworks, because we knew as smokers they'd have matches.


Tue 2018 Apr 3

Tue 2018 Apr 3, 1:17am
On PoliNation

BoB: In that case, maybe I should leave it where it is.

Just delete it, yeah. Well, I say that and then think: except for my curiosity about whether there was anything to it?

Should I be worried?

I didn’t cut and paste a link to naughty pictures, I pray. That wasn’t me. I was hacked that day. Yeah. Russian bots. Paid for by Hillary.

Mon 2018 Apr 2

Mon 2018 Apr 2, 8:51pm
On PoliNation

BoB: Your earlier comment ended up in the spam, mindful. Would you like me to fish it out for you?

Heh. I don't know what got sent, but I know it wasn't what I meant. I recall a cut'n'paste error plus immediate send - an all-thumbs production. This is on my good days.

Mon 2018 Apr 2, 12:38pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

(Seems another comment of mine didn’t get through. It’s prob’ly not you. It’s me. Or my computer? Let’s say both and try again. Heh.)

I like McCoy, and I ought to get back to following his comic strip and political cartoons. This cartoon is nice work. I ♥ cartooning. Much can be conveyed in simplest symbolism.

Oddly, while the style (to the trained comic geek’s eye) is McCoy’s, the idea seems like something Pirarro (Bizarro) or Larson (Far Side) would have come up with, except I doubt they’d have the same Christian inspiration as McCoy.

(I think this didn’t previously post because I had the geek spew filter on.)

Sun 2018 Apr 1

Sun 2018 Apr 1, 11:42pm
On PoliNation

Messed up trying to leave a comment earlier. Glad it didn’t seem to have gone through.

Happy Easter, PoliNationals. (PoliNators?) We got to have Easter with my Mom, and all three of our offspring, and our 8mo grandson. (DiL couldn’t make it, and probably appreciated the break.) We had supper, we played with the very alert little baby, and talked about Resurrection morning. Nice.

When that rock started rollin’, a contingent of hearty, burly Roman soldiers, and no doubt nearly as hearty and burly Temple guards, found out just how fast they could go from bored to terrified, and how quickly they could run back to the city for fresh underwear.

Sat 2018 Mar 31

Sat 2018 Mar 31, 12:27pm
On Lost Issues

Greatest What-If comic ever?

What If the original Marvel bullpen had been the Fantastic Four. Flo Steinberg as the Invisible Girl.

Fri 2018 Mar 30

Fri 2018 Mar 30, 9:29pm
On PoliNation

I learned something today… maybe.

"…Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails…" doubted Thomas. Historically, Jesus was wounded in the hands, and always so depicted in art, whether on the cross, risen showing Thomas, or stigmata in various appearances.

As I studied the gory facts of crucifixion, though, it seemed most sources frankly said that the Romans actually pierced the wrists, because the hands would just tear under the weight. The Shroud of Turin, which shows the back of the hands of the man in the image, has apparent blood stains on the back of the wrist.

Well, I saw someone comment today that the Romans would have pounded the nail into the hand, angled, and out through the wrist. That sounded about right. Oh, that expert torture-dealing touch the Romans had!

There's not a lot I learn about the crucifixion that doesn't just break my heart more for what he went through for us.

Wed 2018 Mar 28

Wed 2018 Mar 28, 12:00am
On PoliNation

Waiting for Snopes to fact-check this article in 3… 2…

Thu 2018 Mar 22

Thu 2018 Mar 22, 6:38pm
On PoliNation

Not that it wasn't something Rockefeller mighta thought! ;)

Thu 2018 Mar 22, 9:53am
On PoliNation

Yeah, I really needed these. I've been feeling the years lately. Problems of health, finance, family. At least I still have my… what was I saying?

I try to remember to stay thankful, so the Almighty doesn't get too fed up with the constant begging, whining, and faithless, fearful freaking out that passes for prayer for me.

Wed 2018 Mar 21

Wed 2018 Mar 21, 5:17pm
On PoliNation

Wow. I'm throwing the "doubtful" flag on that Rockefeller quote. (Not bothering to search on it, though. I'm that lazy.) (Busy. I meant busy.)

Of course, I'd be doubtful of ol' LBJ's classic remark about keeping the ni@@ers voting Democrat except it's apparently true.

Tue 2018 Mar 20

Tue 2018 Mar 20, 10:23am
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Heh. Deer snowplows.

Down here in NE Oklahoma, our local deer pack is nibbling on green shoots. All the trees are budding out. Bradford pears already flowering. Crocuses blooming. We've had a little rain this week to take the edge off the drought (barely), more in the forecast, but never had a serious snow this winter.

Oh. Uh. Snow is nice, too, though, as I recall. :D


Our nice winter doesn't mean we can't have a week of arctic temperatures, ice storms, and a couple feet of snow in April. All depends on the wind direction.

Then there's the whirlwinds.

Happy Vernal Equinox.

Sun 2018 Mar 18

Sun 2018 Mar 18, 2:20pm
On PoliNation

I don't have TV sources. If I see anything from the LaughingStock Media, it's some clip uploaded by Mark Dice or someone. Most of the news celebrities are names I barely know.

I also don't tweet nor twit but see only what folks link to in tweetville.

What I like in the tweets above is the levelness of the playing field. Whatever some ABCBNBSCNN overpaid minion blithers, there's hearty countering retorts galore (at least until Twitter bans 'em). Zzzzing!

Sun 2018 Mar 18, 10:43am
On Comics Curmudgeon

*grumble* (looks around for edit button)

as they stand their there...!!


Sun 2018 Mar 18, 10:41am
On Comics Curmudgeon

Daily reader, rare commenter here (CCComments is so busy). Had to chime in because...

Hi & Lois: Well! I certainly didn't expect you to go there! Oh my!

I expected attention to how Hi starts off full of joyous anticipation of nicer days, and panel by panel Lois dismantles his elevated mood until the penultimate panel, where Hi is anticipating endless winter.

Then as they stand their, mired in existential misery, their baby, unnoticed and unattended, wanders off.

Great family strip.