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Tue 2018 Apr 17

Tue 2018 Apr 17, 3:00pm
On Lost Issues

Right. Herbie's one-and-so-far-only appearance in Lost Issues was in 2011.
Not a lot of action on that cover.

Tue 2018 Apr 17, 1:42am
On Lost Issues

Mighty Mouse v Underdog? Nooooo! If ever there were two upright, true-blue heroes (Bakshi's run on MM being iffy) - they should be side-by-side, which I hope, after they finish this standard superduper trope of good guys going up against each other, they will team up again.

With Herbie. (Uh.. I don't know where that came from.) Herbie was the fat kid with the lollipop or something, right? (Off to search the web...)

Mon 2018 Apr 16

Mon 2018 Apr 16, 3:35pm
On Beckoning Chasm, YouTube

This "true story" wouldn't involve mind-altering substances, would it? Nice work.

Mon 2018 Apr 16, 2:03pm
On PoliNation

Nice. Thanks for sharing, Pete

…How? she queried. I said by walking in and yelling “Immigracion!”…

Recently saw someone suggest that when the DMV or similar facility is crowded, a jacket with ICE on the back can help reduce the lines… of course, that's not funny!

As my grandfather would say, she made out “like a Jew in a junkyard”

I've always enjoyed your Grannyisms. I'll bet you have a few more Grampawisms to go with them? (Are these the same side grandparents?)

Family - the Lord's greatest lesson… and test… for us.

Sun 2018 Apr 15

Sun 2018 Apr 15, 10:27am
On Lost Issues

14 year old me pointed out a costume continuity error from an earlier issue that featured Air Wave.

Hahahahaha. Nerdnik!

Some early X-Men comic has my letter suggesting Jean Gray's power should properly be called psychokinesis not telekinesis. I collected several "no-prizes."

Galactus v Ambush Bug had me chuckling before the cover loaded up. Kick Me. Heh. A cosmic-level variation on the street urchin's snowball knocking the top hat off some big shot. Love the scale contrast - akin to Ant-Man versus the Living Planet. (Say!... This starts me thinking of all kinds of combos. Odin & Millie the Model... Adam Warlock v Bouncing Boy...)

Sun 2018 Apr 15, 8:56am
On PoliNation

Cold toilet: Not only clean socks, but no holes in 'em!

"Should I tell him" tie-down makes me think alcohol may have been involved.

Great collection Pete. Pretty sure some of those folks are my neighbors. Not the good neighbors next door, the ones down the road a piece.

Sent the redneck pacifier poster to my son (to my grandson's dad I should say).

Sun 2018 Apr 15, 12:59am
On Lost Issues

Starlin team-up. Nice.

Sat 2018 Apr 14

Sat 2018 Apr 14, 11:16am
On PoliNation


Teachers in Oklahoma have not showed up to class in nine days.

Not only are these commie union creeps demanding more money from taxpayers, they're dictating tax laws. And the OK legislature and governor caved. Less than the commies wanted, but more than they should've got.

Gov Fallin has more spine than most GOP in Congress, but she's still squishy, alas. There was no chance she would do what needed to be done: Pull a Reagan Air Traffic Controllers sweep.

I read (can't find link) that Christian schools have had quite an upswing of inquiries since the strike started. Heh.

The teachers' actions seem practically like the Antifa or Black Losers Matter types, and especially anachronistic - and desperate! - in the Age of Trump.

Oklahoma’s striking teachers are intoxicated by their own demands (The Hill)
PolitiFact’s Double Standard Makes Oklahoma Teachers Look Poorer Than They Really Are (Federalist)


'New Yorker' Calls Chick-Fil-A 'Creepy,' 'Pervasive' for Being Christian

Ah, I see the New Yorker is projecting again, in the creepy, pervasive way they do.

CF-A just opened a branch here in town, reportedly to the usual great success, long lines and all that. Maybe we'll get around to chicking them out when the excitement dies down. We don't eat a lot of chicken, and never order it out, 1. because Milady's home cooking is so good and, B. up 'til now, we only had KFC in town.


Seems t'me the common thread between these two stories (and so many others) is that they are ongoing battles in the long-running war. The same diabolical forces motivate the media which fundamentally hate truth and oppose righteousness, and inspire the communism which turned public schools into anti-American, anti-family, anti-faith indoctrination factories.

They get more bold and open in their machinations because they think they've got the power and can't lose. They haven't absorbed the Hillary lesson yet. After decades of successfully infiltrating with their "forward" agenda, their evil plans now begin to fall apart, a seemingly mighty wave breaking weakly against granite cliffs of the faithful and righteous. Hillaryites retreat into hair on fire screaming at the sky while Trumpians push on for more #winning. It seems that the battle is becoming more intense, the masks mostly fallen and the sides clearly taken, as before a great final and deciding conflict. Loin girding advised.

(Or, just another day on weird old earth?)

Hey, chrissy, that article a while back about a Pope's vision of a 100-year unleashing of ol' Nick? That expiration date was coming up relatively soon, was it not? (link?)

Sat 2018 Apr 14, 9:47am
On PoliNation

Really odd thing: Went to front page and top story was yesterday's Los Feliz. But in the sidebar I could see this one. Guess WordPress is sluggish this a.m. I can relate.
Good morning.

Before I plunge into the whole Post, on my way down here to the comment box, I saw several pix of Paul Ryan. Boy, he sure was a let-down, wasn't he?

I've seen some folks say Ryan first let them down in debates with Joe Biden, but that wasn't my impression. Back then, I actually thought he was among the best, as seen in the VP debate cartoons Animals Debate and especially in VP Showdown.

As a great man might tweet: Sad.

Fri 2018 Apr 13

Fri 2018 Apr 13, 2:32pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Everybody recognized Bert Lahr at the start there, right? (Would you believe, he's a Leo?)

Thu 2018 Apr 12

Thu 2018 Apr 12, 2:02pm
On PoliNation

PP: Y’all don’t appreciate my self defecating humor.

Now, Pete, that's a load of shift. :D

If Nobody I must be
(A term that causes aggravation),
A Nobody I will be,
Reading Pete at PoliNation.

You're nobody, 'til somebody "Likes" you
You're nobody, 'til somebody "Shares."

Tue 2018 Apr 10

Tue 2018 Apr 10, 8:42pm
On Patriot Retorts

It turns out some white dude in Australia raked in more than a hundred grand running this bogus page.

Hmmmm. (Ponders legality of setting up insincere social justice something something sites.) Oh, uh, but that would be wrong.

Tue 2018 Apr 10, 5:21pm
On PoliNation

CJ Pearson - seemed interesting at first blush. I unsubscribed after just a few videos, though. Then lately I found this:

Remember young master CJ Pearson, the Georgia boy with the nasty publicity addiction?

As I mentioned last month, the young tike made a big stink announcing that he was leaving the Conservative movement and becoming an Independent.

Well, now, the young fella — desperately chasing the dragon of notoriety — has come out in support of Bernie Sanders.

Dianny, Patriot Retort - 2015 Dec 10.

Tue 2018 Apr 10, 4:13pm
On PoliNation

Read elsewhere that, as if the shell on the floor weren't damning enough, there were only three rounds in the gun. And the car was full of pot smoke.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio's deputy director of Criminal Justice? Let's not jump to any conclusions, then. Could all be innocent misunderstanding.


Mon 2018 Apr 9

Mon 2018 Apr 9, 7:37pm
On PoliNation

cth: Casting lots was part of Jewish tradition, wasn’t it?

That's what the Wikipedia article on Matthias's selection also said.

It's like a coin toss when choices are evenly qualified, whether you call it leaving it up to God or to chance, it's generally considered fair…

…except when the coin toss goes against an African American skater on the U.S. Olympic team, then it's racist.

Sun 2018 Apr 8

Sun 2018 Apr 8, 5:23pm
On Bluebird of Bitterness

Hahahaha -- did not see that punchline coming, yet now it seems so obvious! :lol:

Sun 2018 Apr 8, 10:06am
On PoliNation

Colson quote: Well, that's nice, but...

Hey, wait! I wasn't going to comment on here again 'til someone else did. Oh, well... maybe I can hold off after this one. :)

A quibble. Defying two millennia of tradition, I never counted the guy the Apostles picked to replace the traitor as a "real" Apostle. Elected to the board of directors right before the corporation dissolved, in effect. Apostles to me meant those twelve expressly called by and taught and trained by Jesus. So, by my reckoning (of the Webworker Mail-Order College of Theological Studies), the Originals left to testify were only eleven. Colson wanted to make a parallel with 12, though, so, fine. As I said, a quibble.

There were of course plenty of other disciples to go forth and testify, and die for the Truth. How might Christianity have gone if Saul hadn't witnessed Stephen's sacrificing testimony!

Honestly. As a kid, I likewise thought it odd that Paul was called an "Apostle." Same reasons as the electee, plus, Paul never even met Jesus… you know what I mean, in the flesh. Historically speaking, though, I'd readily grant that Paul ultimately qualified a bit more for "honorary Apostleship" than the mysterious Matthias!! ;)

Wikipedia link to Matthias. I learned stuff.

Sat 2018 Apr 7

Sat 2018 Apr 7, 7:43pm
On PoliNation

Texas official triggered by teen’s TRUMP shirt

As awful as these psychotic cases of Trump Derangement are, I nevertheless can't help but think, "#winning!" Not tired yet.

The masks continue to fall, the attitudes are increasingly calcified, the lines are drawn, souls are aligned to good or evil, and the harvest will come. Soon, I pray.

Rand Paul: ‘Scott Pruitt is Likely the Bravest and Most Conservative Member of Trump’s Cabinet’

Well, Rand gets one right - kinda proud of that Okie Pruitt, was glad when Trump chose him, and so far he seems to be doing a great job. Making EPA less again.

Wow, that Camerota-Brooks clip is hard to watch. Milady and I got 2:30 into it and had to take a break. Not only is she a typical shallow, interrupting media idiot, she keeps trying to talk over him and interrupt him when there's obviously a difficult few-second delay. But mostly she's just so shrill. And stupid. And shrill.

Die, White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, Die!

Combining comments because, looking at sidebar, I've got the last three comments on here, and that gets embarrassing.

C'mon, lurkers, help me spread out my comments!


Sat 2018 Apr 7, 3:08pm
On PoliNation

@realDonaldTrump is using every cynical political trick in the book to ignite anti-immigrant fervor.…

I know it's stupid to argue against the illogical, propagandistic, thoughtless and stupid spoutings of the likes of Nanci Palsied, but it especially annoys me how the Anti-Americans conflate "immigrant" with "criminal invader."

"Hello, I'm Donald Trump, and I'm so pro-immigrants, I married one!" :D

Sat 2018 Apr 7, 3:00pm
On PoliNation

Several lawmakers and the family of a 22-year-old unarmed black man who was fatally shot by police…

That was the "unarmed" man walking down the street, pointing at various people, including a mother walking her child, with a piece of pipe which looked for all the world like a gun barrel, and then when the cops showed up, took a threatening stance, with fatal results.

Play stupid games with cops, win stupid prizes.

None of those idiots crafting legislation to change what cops do have the slightest of clues about what being on the front lines means, nor how rules of engagement work!