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…On this day in 1938 at 2:00 am, Britain, France, Germany and Italy signed the Munich Agreement, allowing Germany to occupy the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia. And thus they received "peace in our time". Most people view this as a sell-out of Czechoslovakia and it showed Hitler that he could get pretty much anything he wanted which ultimately led to WWII.…

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8:07am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 30 :MW

Know the Enemy

In his latest essay, our Israeli correspondent MC discusses the Judeo-Christian concept of Truth, comparing and contrasting it with the Lie promulgated by Islam and Marxism. …

3:33pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 29 :MW



…The Beatles song [Across the Universe] is travelling across the universe at a speed of 186,000 miles per second to reach North Star, Polaris, which is 431 light years away from Earth. …

3:39pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 29 :MW

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…On this day in 1966 the Chevrolet Camaro was introduced…

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8:52am CDT Tue 2015 Sep 29 :MW

Spiritual Matters

…Here’s the deal. In order for a pope to be validly elected, there can be NO vote canvassing… It is an automatic excommunicable offense.… Cardinal Danneels of Belgium… openly admits to being a member of a “mafiaclub” – HIS WORD – formed to act against Pope Benedict XVI, that specifically canvassed and organized Bergoglio’s election.…

7:23pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 27 :MW

Opposing Tyranny

…You know how Karl Marx claimed that history occurs twice, the first time as tragedy, the second time as comedy? I have to say that when you consider the tragic loss of life spawned by the Communist vision around the globe and, in our time, the unintentionally hilarious nonsense engendered by the Frankfurt School ("triggers," "microaggressions," "white privilege," the cult of victimhood and the rest of that crapola), you have to admit that old Karl kind of, sort of, got it right.

Ironically, though, it is these later lunacies, silly as they are, and not old school Communism (which went down to defeat decades ago…

6:46pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 27 :MW

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Collected cartoons and graphics of light and dark humor variety.
9:13pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 27 :MW
Cryin' John gets no coddling in these comic panels.
9:10pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 27 :MW
Political Hat

One of the most likely things to change under the Obama administration’s deal with Cuba is our government’s “wet foot/dry foot” policy regarding Cuban migrants. …

News headline summaries and links [retro-added Sp29]
5:05pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 27 :MW


…Let’s just revel in some of the best Yogism…

Infamous Yogi-isms set to political (and other) pix.
6:52pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 27 :MW

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…On this day in 1933 gangster Machine Gun Kelly surrendered to the FBI, shouting out, "Don't shoot, G-Men!", which became a nickname for FBI agents.…

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8:21am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 26 :MW

Animal Companions


…"The little girl was coming off the curb and the dog stepped out in front of her keeping the car that was coming down through here from hitting her," neighbor Charles Saxton said. … "That truck came speeding down. They always do. He saved her life. Saved her from getting hit. I don’t know if it would have killed the girl or not but it mangled the dog pretty bad." The dog, nicknamed "Angel," is …at the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Department. …being treated for a fractured leg. …

12:24pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 25 :MW

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Posters political in both light and dark humor flavors.
11:58am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 25 :MW

1690 Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick, the first newspaper to appear in the Americas…

And here's a link for you to read the actual paper…

7:18am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 25 :MW

…On this day in 1690 Publick Occurrences Both Forreign and Domestick, the first newspaper to appear in the Americas, was published for the first and only time.…

Vic brings the news you need… or were trying to avoid.
7:10am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 25 :MW

Political Theater

CJ Pearson, the young teenager whose video rants against President Obama have made him quite popular among conservatives, revealed that his Twitter account was blocked by the official @POTUS account on Wednesday.…

9:30am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

Know the Enemy

"Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran is the highest authority in America, and Islam is the only accepted religion on earth." —Omar Ahmed, the founder of the Council of American Islamic Relations

In case there was any question.
5:41pm CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

Donut-Licker Ariana Grande…

Oh, who cares?
9:23am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

Mass Media is Dead

Chicago TV Station Marks Yom Kippur Using Same Yellow Star Of David Nazis Forced Jews To Wear During Holocaust…

5:24pm CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

Impeach Obama

…Perfectly Timed Photo shows President Obama with Horns while meeting with Pope Francis…

9:28am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

Wild Oklahoma

Dewey will come alive with the sounds of the gunshots, cattle and other echoes of the Old West on Saturday and Sunday as part of the 11th annual Western Heritage Weekend.

Residents and out-of-town visitors can relive the town’s colorful past this Saturday and Sunday as Dewey showcases some of the area’s finest trick riders, skill shooters and plenty of other “Wild West” entertainers. The aim of the weekend extravaganza is to keep the spirit of Tom Mix and the former Dewey Roundup alive.… …

Great parade photo
5:27pm CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

Animal Companions


Rusty didn't seem sweet or playful at all when Jared Piper first met him. He was chained up in a yard in Phoenix, Arizona, barking at passersby all day. But one day Jared decided to stop and say hello.…

9:20am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

People Live

• Ritvik Ankush Tarte was taking part in archery practice when he was hit
• Arrow pierced schoolboy's skull from the right and exited on the other side
• The 11-year-old, from Maharashtra, was rushed to hospital for treatment
• Surgeons opened up his skull to remove arrow and he is making a recovery…

9:25am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

US Military

After this decision by the U.S. Army, NO ONE should enlist… Where is the moral compass of the U.S. Army?… SFC Martland is fighting for his military career while a pedophile is laughing. Let me put this simply, if I were SecDef, that bastard would not be laughing, and SFC Martland would be my enlisted aide.… This is a call to action, melt the Pentagon phone lines…

5:32pm CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

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…On this day in 1890 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially renounced polygamy. …

Vic delivers the news starting at the end of the Overnight Thread again.
6:17am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 24 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio on Tuesday…

Oh, who cares?
1:32pm CDT Wed 2015 Sep 23 :MW

Marriage Today

Wedding Rings

New research done by divorce form preparation service shows couples in the Sooner State tend to be nicer to each other when they split. …

1:44pm CDT Wed 2015 Sep 23 :MW

People Die



Great picture.
8:29am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 23 :MW

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Trust me [O says] I'm a Christian!

Political and humorous posters for the mid-week
7:47am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 23 :MW

On this day in 1969 the trial of the Chicago Eight opened in Chicago. …

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6:54am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 23 :MW

Digital Consequences

Hillary Clinton ogles Christina Aguilera

Huma Abedin Just Joined Twitter. Hilarity Ensued. (DO NOT CLICK If You Can't Deal With Inappropriate Humor. Seriously. Just Don't.)

4:28pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

Hollywood Lib Cher’s Latest…

Oh, who cares!
4:06pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

Art of


Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen on The Adventures of Superman, has passed away… He was 87. …his onscreen career was defined almost entirely by his time as Jimmy Olsen. He played the role from 1952 until 1958, and would periodically return for cameos in other Superman-related media, from Superboy to Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman to Superman Returns.

4:23pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

Bartlesville - prairie frontier town

Col-Hi Wildcat

As they say, time marches on and progress is progress and it’s all for the better but to me, to my classmates of the Col-Hi Class of ’65 there ain’t no way in heaven that that beautiful building that stands so magnificently out on Hillcrest Drive will ever be anything but Bartlesville College High School and you can take that to the bank.…

4:16pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

Animal Culture

Foxes in Middx

Because, foxes!
6:07pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

Man and Woman

Girls born in a particular village in the Dominican Republic may not grow up as biological females after all. A little more than 1% of them will develop a penis at age 12, making them what locals call "guevedoces"—literally, a "penis at 12…"

6:00pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW


Tyrannosaurus Rex

Earlier this month, someone or something began attacking vehicles at Vinita's Green Country Ford dealership. …a car's front bumper was removed by force. … "That whole front clip was just ripped plumb off with teeth marks all over it and hair matted to it. It was just totally destroyed." …traps and cameras have revealed no conclusive evidence… Paw prints have been found… not entirely clear whether the animal that made them might be responsible… At least nine vehicles… damaged in four separate attacks…

4:20pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

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Taking my clock to school

Posters political, disturbing, amusing and animated
6:05pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 22 :MW

Wars and Rumors

Christians are being martyred for their faith every five minutes by barbaric Islamic State militants and other terror groups, a shocking new report has claimed. Research by CFI found that more than 200 million followers are facing persecution in 105 countries making Christianity the most at-risk faith group in the world. More Christians have been martyred in the 20th and 21st centuries than during the previous 19 combined…

9:44am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

Infrastructure Threat

Master keys for every elevator in the city, major construction sites, subways and skyscrapers are being freely sold online, despite a city law that makes it illegal for unauthorized persons to possess them.

A New Jersey-based lock company is peddling an unlimited supply of New York City’s “1620” fire service keys on eBay at $15.50 for two.…

9:39am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

On Monday, September 14, unknown suspects cut backbone fiber optic Internet cables in Livermore California in what appears to be the fourteenth attack on critical communications infrastructure in a region of the U.S. that is a primary target for economic and cyber warfare.…

8:15am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

…MSNBC’s far-left personality, Chris Mathews to equally far-left personality, Bill Maher…

Oh, who cares?.
8:56am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

Animal Culture

Panda Babies

Because, Panda Babies!
10:00am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

Sand Cats…

Because, Sand Cats…
9:56am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

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On this day in 1897 the Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus editorial was published in the New York Sun.

Vic's assessment of the news of the world begins here today.
7:20am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 21 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

So, you remember how in Wednesday’s debate, Carly Fiorina gave an impassioned response regarding the problem of drug abuse in the country by mentioning how she and her husband lost a child to drug addiction?

Well, the Left’s “Debunk a Republican Deployment Team” was quickly dispatched to dispute Carly’s “claim.”

You see, it wasn’t her daughter. Carly has never had any children. Rather, it was her step daughter.…

This is what passes for a stinging rebuke from the Left.

By heavens, she'll never recover from this one...!?!?!
10:27pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 20 :MW

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Political Hat
News headline links and summaries
10:29pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 20 :MW

Donald Trump said his renovation of the DC Post Office is under budget and ahead of schedule—and I think it’s fair to say the same applies to the businessman’s first political campaign.

Joe Dan's latest video blast against the tides of tyranny.
7:04pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 20 :MW

A small anti-immigration protest was staged in Helsinki today, and there was also a demonstration at the border with Sweden. A group of pro-refugee demonstrators held their own event on the Swedish side of the border. Meanwhile, 4,500 illegal immigrants were rescued in one day off the coast of Libya.

In other news, Pope Francis arrived in the Western Hemisphere to visit Cuba and the United States.

News headline links and summaries. (retro'd)
6:01pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 20 :MW

…On this day in 1860 the Prince of Wales visited the US…

The leisurely Sunday edition of Vic's News starts here today.
8:38am CDT Sun 2015 Sep 20 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

Whitney, Texas police arrested a man on Friday for filing a false police report claiming his pick-up truck was vandalized for bearing the message ‘Police Lives Matter’ spray-painted in large blue letters across the rear window… say the man damaged his truck… for insurance reasons…

8:28pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

128 ‘Artists and Cultural Leaders’ Sign Open Letter Endorsing…

Oh, who cares?
8:23pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued…

Oh, who cares?
8:13pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Wild Oklahoma

A Bartlesville woman is free on bail after her arrest for allegedly exposing herself for her incarcerated husband, who is a convicted sex offender…

8:31pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Spiritual Matters

Sep 16 - A pastor in East Texas… Corinth Missionary Baptist Church pastor, Rev. John D. Johnson III calmed down an armed Islamic man who had entered his church… Rasheed Abdul Aziz… allegedly with the intent to kill Christians. Police later arrested the armed man without incident.…

6:22pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Animal Culture


The goats in Morocco climb trees!

8:34pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Policing Ourselves

Sep 16 …While he was in prison he said "God if you are real turn my life around". He got out after serving a year and half. Has graduated bible college with perfect attendance and his strong in his church. This man wanted to pray for the officer's safety.…

6:36pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Science Marches Onnnnnn

A study showing that nearly all mammals take the same amount of time to urinate has been awarded one of the 2015 Ig Nobel prizes at Harvard University.

These spoof Nobels for "improbable research" are in their 25th year.…

a chemical recipe to partially un-boil an egg…the word "huh?" occurs in every human language.…

8:18pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Nice Deb Candle

Carly… Whittle… EPA and Animas River…

And much more vids
7:38pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 19 :MW

Breitbart is Here


After being thwarted by new barriers along the Serbian border with Hungary, huge throngs of “refugees” are now making their way through Croatia in an attempt to continue onward through Austria into Germany. Locals in Croatia are warning the migrants to watch out for minefields, which are still in place along parts of the border with Serbia as a relic of the Balkan wars of the 1990s.

In other migration news, migrants who got off the welcome bus at a remote location in Sweden complained bitterly about their accommodations, which they said were too far away from shopping centers and other amenities. Meanwhile, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warns that Europe may face an influx of up to 100 million migrants over the next several years.

News headline links and summaries (retro'd)
6:08pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 18 :MW

…On this day in 1947 the United States Air Force became an independent branch of the United States armed forces.…

Vic's news hiding in the Overnight Thread again
7:32am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 18 :MW

Earth Shakes


A major earthquake just offshore rattled Chileans, killing five people and shaking the Earth so strongly the tremor was felt in places across South America. …several coastal towns… saw flooding from small tsunami waves…

6:46am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 17 :MW

Breitbart is Here


“Refugees” angry with Hungary’s closure of its Serbian border attempted to storm one of the border crossings, throwing rocks and other detritus at Hungarian police and soldiers on the other side. The Hungarians responded with tear gas and blasts from water cannons. Some migrants in Serbia took buses to the Croatian border, in hopes of finding an alternate route through Austria and thence to Germany.

In other news, an alert has been raised in Ghana over the recruitment of young Muslims for the Islamic State. It seems that impressionable young people in the Muslim-majority north of the country are showing susceptibility to propaganda from Boko Haram and other kinetic-activist groups.

News headline links and summaries (retro'd)
8:38am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 17 :MW

…On this day in 2014 Trey Gowdy opened the Republican dominated Benghazi hearings.…

Vic's headline links of the day, forged in the heat of white-hot rage.
6:42am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 17 :MW

Digital Tyranny

FCC Commissioner Ajit Varadaraj Pai said mobile content such as music that some service providers exempt from data limits could be in violation of the agency’s new Internet conduct standard. …

Who in HELL put these BOZOS in charge of what the INTERNET can do? The FCC was designed to divvy up broadcast frequencies based on who had the most money under the table. In the age of Internet they should be relegated to the buggy-whip regulator dustbin.
9:37pm CDT Wed 2015 Sep 16 :MW

Know the Enemy

…In the end we either learn the hard lesson of 9/11 – that Islam is antithetical to Western liberal democracy and the values it requires – or we don’t. So far we haven’t. So far we have pretended that radical political Islam is somehow an aberrant offshoot of a housebroken, enlightened Islam. We have ignored the fact that there is no moderate Islam. We ignore men like Turkey’s Erdogan who said,

"The term 'moderate Islam' is ugly and offensive — Islam is Islam." …

9:41pm CDT Wed 2015 Sep 16 :MW

Breitbart is Here


Hungary declared a state of emergency, sealed its border with Serbia, and began detaining migrants who attempted to enter the country illegally. The Hungarian government also announced that it would extend its fence to include part of the border with Romania, to help deter migration from that direction.

In other news, the Saudi government has barred the Binladin Group from receiving new state contracts in the wake of last week’s crane collapse at the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The company’s board of directors and top executives have also been ordered not to leave the country until the official investigation of the accident is complete.

News headline links and summaries (retro'd)
8:40am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 16 :MW

…On this day in 1893 approximately 100,000 settlers made a land run for prime land in the Cherokee Strip in what is now Oklahoma.…

Vic's news, delivered fresh in the morning.
7:46am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 16 :MW
Panels of light mirth and dark parody. (Retro'd)
7:07am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 16 :MW

Wars and Rumors

The South China Sea Is Ours Because It’s Got ‘China’ in the Name, Chinese Admiral Says

United States of America responds by claiming entire Western Hemisphere is ours, because North America and South America have got America in the name!
5:07pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Theory of Education

…Over the next two hours, the social worker quizzed their 15-year-old son… whether his parents fought or did drugs… wanted to see his homeschool curriculum… to inspect their firearms… told the Zimmers to sign papers agreeing to turn over their son’s medical records. And then she left, and the Zimmers never saw her again. But they can’t let it go. They can’t erase the memory of what it felt like when they thought the state might take away their son.

In April the Zimmers filed a $60 million federal lawsuit against the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency, along with several division officials and the social worker, Michelle Marchese, for an “unlawful and unconstitutional home intrusion.”…

1:38pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Disturbing Family Patterns

…There are CONFERENCES for abortion providers and baby body part harvesters. So help me... actual, honest-to-God CONFERENCES.

Good night in heaven - the lady talking about baby gonads sounds like she's in junior high school giggling over the human sexuality chapter in her health class textbook.…

1:40pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

End of the World As We Know It

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters says…

Oh, who cares?
8:13pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Actress Helen Mirren says…

Oh, who cares?
8:12pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Beatles - still with us

Ringo Starr

…Ringo Starr… putting up for auction… more than 800 items… a Rickenbacker guitar that fellow Beatle John Lennon played… “Number One” edition of the Beatles “White Album,” and another guitar previously used by lead guitarist George Harrison. Ringo’s 1963 three-piece drum kit… expected to sell for between $300,000 and $500,000.…

1:48pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Lost and Found

Wedding Rings, Interlocked

An Oklahoma man has been reunited with the wedding ring he dropped in a New York lake nearly 40 years ago.…

1:44pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

1960s - still with us

Her 1965 Porsche 356c 1600 Cabriolet is expected to fetch more than $400,000 when it is auctioned by RM Sotheby’s in New York in December. …

Oh, Lord, won't you buy me a psychedelic Porsche… $400K? Never miiind.
5:11pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Israel Stands Alone

The Vatican released a statement Tuesday officially welcoming the nuclear agreement between the P5+1 world powers (U.S., UK, China, France, Russia, Germany) and Iran, stating that the Holy See believes Tehran will reduce its nuclear capabilities… Gallagher also appeared to single out Israel in calling for “the establishment of zones free of nuclear weapons … especially in the Middle East.”…

Disarm Israel and let Iran have nukes. I'll have what they're drinking. Oh, wait. No, I won't. It's hemlock.
5:14pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Defending Ourselves

This is the best interview I’ve seen with the three heroes of the French train terrorist attack. It’s with Megyn Kelly, and it’s the first time I’ve heard the three tell their story in such detail. …

[Video, 36:17, Facebookable, YouTube]

I admit I have not watched all of this. Need to skip past annoying Kelly questions.

5:45pm CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Breitbart is Here


The “migration crisis” continues apace in Europe. Boat people, including children, are still drowning off the coast of Greece. And the coast guards of various European nations are still rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and other European countries have jumped on the bandwagon and reinstituted border controls.

In other news, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was ousted from within his own party (the Conservatives) as both party leader and Prime Minister by Malcolm Turnbull. It is thought that Mr. Turnbull’s accession will help expedite gay marriage in Australia.

News headline links and summaries (retro'd)
8:42am CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

On this day in 1966 U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson, responding to a sniper attack by Charles Whitman at the University of Texas at Austin, wrote a letter to Congress urging the enactment of gun control legislation.…

Full load of Vic News Network this morning.
6:57am CDT Tue 2015 Sep 15 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Political Hat
News headline links and summaries. Retro-added day late.
1:51pm CDT Mon 2015 Sep 14 :MW

Even as Germany closes its border with Austria in an attempt to slow down the flood of “migration”, native Europeans continue to gather en masse to celebrate and welcome the refugees. More demonstrations in support of migrants took place in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and other Western European countries. Meanwhile, Canada says that it will donate aid money to help Syrian refugees, but it will not take any more in.

In other news, leaders of the Scottish Nationalist Party are planning another referendum on independence, which they hope will take place before the next regional elections in 2016.

News headline links and summaries (retro'd)
11:52am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 14 :MW

…On this day in 1814 the poem Defence of Fort McHenry was written by Francis Scott Key.…

Vic's news report is abbreviated today due to Internet lethargy.
5:40am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 14 :MW

Theory of Education

…one day last week, the bus took several unfamiliar turns that scared students and led parents to start driving to find it and get their children. …

6:29pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

The father of a three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach is denying allegations that he was the captain of the vessel that capsized killing at least 12 people, including his family.

An Iraqi couple who lost two of their three children in the tragedy have alleged that after the accident, Abdullah Kurdi begged them not to tell Turkish police that he was operating the boat.

6:53pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW

Know the Enemy

ISIS threatens to send 500,000 migrants to Europe as a 'psychological weapon' in chilling echo of Gaddafi's prophecy that the Mediterranean 'will become a sea of chaos' …

6:32pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW

Animal Culture

Another classic Claudia collection of critter culture. Overdose of d'aawww warning.
6:23pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW


Meet Homo naledi, the newest member of the human family. Its physical traits are weird, its circumstances are unique and its age is totally unknown… engaged in surprisingly sophisticated behavior for its brain size…

7:03pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW

Family Patterns

A new study finds that the happiest parents are those who have four or more kids.…

I'm curious if this is a bell curve; will five make you happier? does happiness fall off after twelve? nineteen?
7:44pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Nice Deb Candle

ESPN: 30 for 30 Shorts: First Pitch
PJ Media, Trifecta: An Anniversary Memorial: Where Were You on 9/11?
Amazing 9/11 Survival Story: Man “Surfs” Down 15 Stories of Debris as Tower Collapses
much more

Deb's collection of vids for the weekend. Emphasis on 9/11 anniversary and the 2016 election.
5:24pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW
GoV Newsfeed

Needless to say, the European “migration crisis” dominates tonight’s news. Mass rallies in support of the “refugees” took place in Britain, Denmark, Germany, and Austria. Mass rallies opposed to immigration took place in Slovakia, Hungary, and several cities in Poland. The new Iron Curtain, or so it seems.

Meanwhile, Hungary has completed its fence along the Serbian border, Austria has stopped the flow of refugees coming in from Hungary, and a Turk rammed his car into a crowd of Kurds in Bern, killing two people and injuring an unknown number (that last one is not in the feed, but Vlad gave me some video links).

In other news, an engineer from the Bin Laden Group says that there was no technical fault responsible for yesterday’s crane collapse in Mecca. He insists that the tragedy can only be described as an act of Allah.…

News headline links and summaries
7:55am CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW
Panels humorous and political.
7:12am CDT Sun 2015 Sep 13 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

…The story being pushed by the media is that Aylan died, washed up on the beach in Turkey trying to get to Greece, after fleeing terror in Syria. … But that story isn’t quite true. …

4:03pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 12 :MW

Feeding Ourselves

…Whether you are a grilling novice or a seasoned grill master, don’t get tripped up on rookie mistakes. Here are some of the most common grilling errors and how to avoid them…

4:08pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 12 :MW

Prehistory - still with us

British researchers said Monday that they had discovered evidence of a larger version of Stonehenge located approximately 2 miles from the famous prehistoric site. …dubbed a "superhenge" containing as many as 90 large stones. …believed the monument was built about 4,500 years ago… stones were located …lying on their sides …under three feet of earth. Some …stood nearly 15 feet high …circular enclosure facing the Avon River that measured nearly a mile wide - making it the largest earthwork of its kind in Britain. …

4:00pm CDT Sat 2015 Sep 12 :MW

9/11 - still with us

…When I heard about the plane that when down in Pennsylvania, I knew without being told that the passengers had fought back. Somehow they had heard what had happened to the other planes, and they weren’t going to let themselves be turned into a giant missile. That was one of few positive (albeit grim) notes from the day. The other positives were the countless stories of heroism in New York City, “America’s Mayor” Giuliani, and the fact that (almost) all Americans were united at least temporarily.…

Memories & videos
6:56pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

…Bretegne and her handler being honored by BarkBox with a trip to New York City. According to this, Bretagne is the last known surviving rescue dog from 9/11. She and her owner/ handler Denise Corliss were part of the Texas Task Force 1, which was deployed to Ground Zero to help with search and rescue in the aftermath of 9/11.…

[Video, 5:38, BarkBox, YouTube]
6:45pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

…I was at my desk in Providence, RI, when I heard the first reports of a “small plane” hitting the World Trade Center. Seemed odd, but not out of the realm of possibility.

Morning news shows interrupted coverage as the murky facts began to emerge.…

Recollections, Videos
6:44pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW
World Trade Center…
American Airlines Flight 11…
United Airlines Flight 175…
American Airlines Flight 77…
United Airlines Flight 93…
6:39pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

Right after the attacks, Jason, a former Marine, father of five, and a law student, took off TOWARDS the chaos. After driving his vehicle as far as he could, he parked and started running on foot in the direction of the towers. He was caught on video by several cameras on city streets, a blur of fatigues running through the streets while hundreds of terrified New Yorkers were running in the opposite direction.

Approaching Ground Zero, Jason later said he was determined to save lives. “It was my duty to do something,” he explains. “I felt compelled to assist in any way that I could.” …

Jason, who had crawled into a small hole in the wreckage, barely big enough for the Marine to inch his way through, heard a voice answering his call. …

6:32pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

…memorials to Fr. Mychal Judge - incredibly moving.

6:24pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

From YouTube: Aired on September 3, 2006 on The Discovery Channel 2007. Inside The Twin Towers. This film re-creates a minute-by-minute account of what happened inside the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001. Narrated by Terrence Stamp.

[Video, 1:31:48, xXazdesertboyXx, YouTube]
6:01pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

A substantial portion of the South Tower’s workforce had already gotten out, thanks to Rescorla’s efforts, by the time the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, struck the South Tower at 9:02:59 AM. Just under an hour later, as the stream of evacuees came to an end, Rescorla called his best friend Daniel Hill on his cell phone, and told him that he was going to make a final sweep. Then the South Tower collapsed. …

5:58pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

Most powerful shafts of light EVER projected from Earth are beamed into the Manhattan sky in spectacular 9/11 commemoration as America pauses to remember…

5:48pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

What is it about an unspeakable catastrophe that brings out the best in ordinary human beings?…

BoB presents an excellent collection of videos reflecting on 9/11.

Retro-adding 9/11 stories days late. Life.

5:47pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

Commemorating September 11 is not some ghoulish exercise of reveling in grief and tragedy.

We remember quite simply so that we do not forget. We do not forget where we came from, how we got here, who we are. And yes, who our enemy is.…

5:47pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

I do not yet have the distance of history to mercifully blur the memory. I remember the crystal clear blue sky on the morning of 9-11 when the Earth became soaked with tears and night fell on a different world.

I can never forget the images of fire and ashes and bent steel or the sounds of our national anthem playing at Buckingham Palace and the sorrow written on the faces of our closest allies in the middle hour of our grief. …

5:44pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

Longtime readers of this blog will recognize this post, as I have published it here every 9-11 since 2006 in honor of Mr. Mardikian, and all victims of the 9-11 terror attacks, as part of DC Roe’s 9-11 remembrance project. I thought this year about doing another post for another victim, but decided it would be too painful, as the memories of what happened that day are still so fresh and raw for many, myself included. …

5:35pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 11 :MW

Wars and Rumors

Calls for Christians to be given priority among Syrian refugees are discriminatory and reinforce a sense Muslims "are always going to be vilified in the Australian community," the country's highest Sunni authority has said.

Society really needs to grow up and quit being so discriminatory against murderers, rapists, kidnappers, torturers, misogynists, civilization-wreckers, and those who discriminate against non-Muslims.
6:26am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 10 :MW

Denmark has suspended all rail links with Germany after police stopped hundreds of migrants at the border. Danish police also closed a motorway between the two countries when some asylum seekers began walking north after being forced off a train.

They say their destination is Sweden. …

Remember how the words "European" and "Union" used to appear in juxtaposition?
6:11am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 10 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin

Media-Created Story Behind ‘Aylan Kurdi’, Little Boy On Beach, Has Some Falsehoods…Update: Father Wanted To Go To Europe To Get Teeth Fixed

6:43am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 10 :MW

Current Migrant Surge Exposed as ISIS Trojan Horse Scheme, Long-Planned and Backed by Saudis

6:28am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 10 :MW

9/11 - still with us

More than 20 terror plots have been foiled in New York since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, according to the city's police chief on Tuesday (Sep 8), who said the risk of another devastating attack remains "greater than ever". "in many respects, we currently face a greater likelihood of attack than we have seen in years".

On the eve of the anniversary
7:04am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 10 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Posters and cartoons in a humorous or political vein
6:53am CDT Wed 2015 Sep 9 :MW

Breitbart is Here


On this day in 70 AD Romans under Titus sacked Jerusalem. Many gold artifacts from the temple were carried off to Rome as plunder.…

The Vic News starts here today.
6:27am CDT Tue 2015 Sep 8 :MW

US Executive Branch


35 yrs Ago, Ronald Reagan Launched 1980 Campaign with Labor Day Speech at Liberty Park, NJ (video)

Republican Party nomination in hand, Reagan spoke:
"We are talking about doing away with Jimmy Carter’s view of a no-growth policy, and ever-shrinking economic pie with smaller pieces for each of us. That’s no answer.

"We can have a bigger pie with bigger slices for everyone. I believe that together you and I can bake that bigger pie…"

8:44am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 7 :MW

Breitbart is Here


On this day in 1876 in Northfield, Minnesota, the James-Younger Gang attempted to rob the town's bank but were driven off by armed citizens.…

Vic is here with the Labor Day edition of news and classic Vic editorializing.
7:05am CDT Mon 2015 Sep 7 :MW

Art of

Brad Anderson, veteran cartoonist and Marmaduke creator, passed away… August 30th at age 91. …unexpectedly. …worked briefly in advertising but left to focus on freelance cartooning in 1953. From 1954 to 1966, he drew a strip called Grandpa's Boy, which overlapped with his creation of Marmaduke in 1954. Anderson continued to work on the strip until his passing. …won the Milton Caniff Lifetime Achievement Award from the NCS in 2013.

Not a fan of the big dog myself, but I have great admiration for those cartoonists who can crank 'em out daily for decades!
4:48pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

Animal Culture

From leaf cutters to service mice to dairy cattle, a collection of working animals.
4:52pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

Animal Companions


Yellowstone National Park… Australian shepherd named Jade was found in the Canyon area Friday, 42 days after she went missing. "She's skin and bones, but otherwise she seems perfectly fine," owner David Sowers of Denver said. …ran off July 23 after an auto wreck…

11:15am CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

Policing Ourselves

Driving through Mississippi this morning I got pulled over for speeding. A huge black cop got out of the car. …"things are tough, but we're hanging in there and just trying to do the right thing and keep people safe...but it's scary".…

5:25pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

Abilene police officer Don Allen was murdered on Monday. …bound, gagged and tortured before he was killed. Anti-cop slurs were written in the officer’s own blood! Police arrested two people on Thursday in connection to his death.…

5:23pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

…Houston police officer, Tommi Jones-Kelley, was pumping gas in her patrol car in the pouring rain when suddenly someone walked up directly behind her. …teenage boy named McKinley Zoellner …asked her if he could stand watch while she fueled up. …“why?” …“To make sure you stay safe!”…

4:55pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Political posters and funny pix
5:28pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW
Nice Deb Candle

Saturday Movie Matinee: Carly vs Trump On Foreign Policy

Also, Americans fighting ISIS, War on Cops, more vids
4:50pm CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

On this day in 1620 the Pilgrims set sail from Plymouth, England for the new world. They originally wanted to land in the Carolinas but wound up in MA instead. But they did not turn around when they realized their error…

Hover over the geezer for the punchline.
8:10am CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

US Election 2016

Hillary Clinton ogles Christina Aguilera

…There, they serenaded the former Secretary of State with an old gospel tune, “Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus).” Except in this version, from the self-dubbed “woman’s alternative chorus,” “Jesus” is replaced with “Hillary.”…

11:13am CDT Sun 2015 Sep 6 :MW

Wars and Rumors

China has arrested the leader of “Lawyers for Protection of the Cross.” The group defends churches whose crosses have been forcibly removed amid a government campaign to strip skylines of Christian symbols.

Zhang Kai is the latest of more than 250 attorneys, pastors, and human rights activists detained or arrested since July in connection with the 400 to 1,200 cross removals in the eastern province of Zhejiang, a Christian stronghold.…

9:51am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 5 :MW

Animal Companions

Cat, Excited

Dogs are well known for being loyal and devoted companions, while their feline counterparts are typically aloof and detached. Now researchers have discovered that this is because cats don't see their owners as a source of safety and security in the same way dogs do… cats don't suffer from separation anxiety and any noise they make when their owner leaves is more likely to be out of boredom or frustration.…

This article is obviously slanted. My cats miss me. Don't they?
9:45am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 5 :MW

Theory of Sex Education

…The argument that sexual orientation is solely a biological phenomenon is extraordinarily weak, and this poll proves it. Evolution does not favor high prevalence of homosexual attraction.… how we treat homosexuality as a society has massive influence on the sexual orientation of individuals within that society, for good or ill.…

9:21am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 5 :MW



An ‘intelligent’ robot offered a truly chilling answer to an interviewer’s question, ‘Will robots take over the world?’

‘Don’t worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake,’ the bearded robot intoned.…

The robot – modelled after Philip K Dick…

I can see the source of the error from here…
9:05am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 5 :MW


…'fantastically preserved' fossils of the largest and oldest species of sea scorpion… unearthed in Iowa. Dating back 460 million years, the eurypterid species would have measured more than 5ft (1.5 metres) long and had unique 'paddle-shaped' legs to help it swim and dig. … bizarre shape resembles that of the Greek warship penteconter, and the species has been described as 'Pentecopterus decorahensis'. …

9:01am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 5 :MW

Securing Our Borders

When the crew of HMS Bulwark first fished immigrants out of the Mediterranean, they were expecting to find the world’s hungry, wretched and destitute. Instead, they found them relatively healthy, well-dressed and carrying mobile phones and credit cards, which they intended to use upon arrival in Italy. …this is not simply a refugee crisis. The world’s poor are on the move because they’re not quite so poor as they used to be, and can afford to travel.…

9:10am CDT Sat 2015 Sep 5 :MW

Wars and Rumors

Muslim Flight Attendant Sues Because Job Makes Her Serve Drink

Will she be forced by a judge to serve drinks or go to jail like the marriage license clerk? …the butcher, the baker, the wedding-photo maker…
7:09am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Five American yeshiva students were attacked by Palestinians in Hebron after they got lost in the West Bank city on Thursday. … Two… were lightly-to-moderately injured in the riot that ensued… Palestinian assailants firebombed their car… The group was whisked away by a local, who let them hide in his house until Israel security forces arrived to extract them.…

6:57am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Theory of Education

…If parents understood how hopeless and painful this process is, they would never allow their children near sight-words. So we need a way for parents to grasp viscerally that sight-words are a mission impossible for almost all children.…

9:05am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW
The sad state of modern education, fully displayed in a series of graphics, selected by the master of graphic selection, Bluebird.
7:43am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW


Still more hilarious Pareidolia Pix c/o Bluebird.
7:17am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Oh! The Irony!

In July the PGA decided to move its October tournament at the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles after his comments about illegal aliens.… Today the PGA announced it was cancelling the October tournament.
They couldn’t find a course on time.…

Hahahahahaahaha. Duffers. (Hoft cites The Hill.)
6:21am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Animal Culture

The graphic-gathering maestro Bluebird has outdone herself with this collection connecting felines and films.
8:35am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW
Cat, Excited
Critters seeking the sun posters by postermaster Bluebird
7:46am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

History - still with us


The world's most famous mummy, Tutankhamun, was buried with his penis standing at a 90 degree angle… to make King Tut look like Osiris, the god of the afterlife. …to counter efforts by his father King Akjenaten to establish a religion of one god.…

8:44am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Solar System

…it really does look like a spoon hanging in the air, just above the surface of some layered rock. But as Mars is devoid of any civilization, advanced or otherwise, that is capable of manufacturing said spoon, there’s probably a more logical answer.…

6:33am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Political and humorous graphics. Retro-added Sp7
7:50pm CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW
Reagan Pointing
Posters of the funny, the political, and the bizarre.
8:27am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

On this day in 1888 George Eastman registered the trademark Kodak and received a patent for his camera that used roll film.

Vic is back on the job, even if the morning thread posters are not. ONT'd again.
6:26am CDT Fri 2015 Sep 4 :MW

Breitbart is Here


On this day in 1783 The American Revolutionary War ended with the signing of the Treaty of Paris by the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Vic Returns! Perhaps the Blog-Heaper can get some of these dozens of backlogged tabs turned into links sometime soon. Perhaps.
6:57am CDT Thu 2015 Sep 3 :MW