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WW2 - still with us

I was positioned in a small foxhole on the downside of Capmon Hill where we were set up in a defensive arrangement for a couple of weeks after the invasion of Leyte, and I will never forget my shock one morning, when I heard that Lt Williams, and SGT Corn had apparently gotten out of their holes, for whatever reason, and were shot by one of our men because he did not know who they were, or they did not ID themselves.

I had never discussed this with anyone much at the time, so I do not know the particulars, except this is a thing that happens in war, on occasion, and we were warned to stay put in our foxholes at night, for this very reason.

This is about all I can tell you about this tragic incidence. I am 89 years of age, nearly 90, in December, and my wife passed away one year ago, I am alone now. Dick was one of my favorite friends in our Company B, and as I stated earlier herein, I held as a friend, and a friend lost, when he died. He is in my memory always.

7:30pm CDT Thu 2012 Oct 18 :MW

Know the Enemy

The room set aside for reporters to watch Tuesday night's debate erupted into applause after President Obama ridiculed the size of Mitt Romney's personal wealth.

2:55pm CDT Thu 2012 Oct 18 :MW

The self-styled terrorist mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks lectured a military court on government hypocrisy Wednesday and wore a previously banned camouflage vest to his pretrial hearing before being rebuked by the judge for his comments. … "This is a onetime occurrence," the judge said. "No matter how heartfelt, I am not going to entertain personal comments of any accused about the ways things are going."

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Cash, burning

After years of losses, the troubled automaker is forced into bankruptcy. GM is set to close a dozen facilities and cut more than 20,000 jobs.

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Bartlesville - prairie frontier town

…filming of "August: Osage County" in the Bartlesville area … One of the settings for the film has a long history for a Bartlesville family. The home was in Andy Novak's family for decades until the 1980s. Both Andy and her daughter spent time there as children. … Her great-grandfather's brother built the big home in the 1940s. The setup was a wonderland for children with a large yard, a creek, and maybe best of all, a wrap-around porch on both stories. "You could play and roller skate or whatever you wanted to do all the way around the house. It was just very unique and fun." …

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People Die

A man who was shot in the face by his older brother during a pig slaughter over the weekend has died.

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Educating Ourselves

October 8, 2012 4:45 P.M.

One of the great missionaries of classical learning and American freedom passed away over the weekend. J. Rufus Fears ... Rufus Fears is perhaps best known outside of Oklahoma, however, for his fantastic series of lectures published by the Teaching Company. These works represent nearly 150 hours of entertaining and insightful presentations on subjects ranging from mythology, classical literature, and the Great Books to the political, religious, and intellectual history of Europe, the Americas, and beyond. As it happens, I was just listening to his fascinating 36-lecture series on the history of freedom when I learned of Professor Fears’s untimely death.

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US Election 2012

What, me President?

[Chris Matthews:] “I don't think [Romney] understands the Constitution of the United States. He’s the president of the United States. You don't say, 'You’ll get your chance.'" … just for the record, there is nothing in the Constitution barring one from saying “You’ll get your chance” to the President of the United States — no matter what his supporters on MSNBC say.

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R v O

No, no, no! This is too complicated, too wordy, too much detail. How's anybody supposed to understand all this wonky stuff?

Is this inspiring graphic your doing, CtH?

Mrs W just walked in & LOL'd at it.

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The most single telling moment of Tuesday's debate - and possibly of any of the debates - came early, when Obama attempted to interrupt Romney one time too many. The governor rebuked him, politely but firmly, and Obama simply turned and went back to his stool.

2:59pm CDT Thu 2012 Oct 18 :MW

“President Obama, during the Democratic National Convention in 2008, you stated you wanted to keep Ak-47’s out of the hands of criminals,” said Nina Gonzalez, who was part of the audience of so-called undecided voters. “What has your administration done, or plan to do, to limit the availability of assault weapons?”

Nina Gonzalez is registered as a Democrat in Nassau County, N.Y., according to voter registration records.

11:31am CDT Thu 2012 Oct 18 :MW
What, me President?

Obama: "The way we're going to create jobs here is not just changing our tax code, but also to double our exports. And we are on pace to double our exports, one of the commitments I made when I was president. That's creating tens of thousands of jobs all across the country." [Anticipatory-past tense. Emphasis added.]

10:24am CDT Thu 2012 Oct 18 :MW
Cutie-Pie O

The president’s clear intent to sidestep Ladka’s inquiry might have prompted activist moderator Candy Crowley to say, Hey, how ‘bout an answer, Mr. President? She didn’t, and the conversation careened toward a clash over whether the president had given the country a timely admission that Benghazi was a terrorist attack. … As to Ladka’s question about who turned down the Benghazi security requests and why, Obama reportedly told him that “releasing the individual names of anyone in the State Department would really put them at risk,” Ladka says.

10:19am CDT Thu 2012 Oct 18 :MW

As we reported yesterday, in addition to threats by Obama supporters to riot if Romney wins, innumerable Twitter users are also making direct death threats against Romney. The primary reason given for Obama supporters wanting to see Romney dead is the fear that he will take away food stamps. [Emphasis added.]

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