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The Art of


Is looking within a pointillist activity?


The Art of

Halloween Party

Halloween party invitation.



Alternate single-image version:
[*]Halloween Party Poster (200k, 833*949*16-gray)

The Art of

Restaurant Sketches

Drawings while waiting for the waitress.

Restaurant Sketches

Here are sketches from years ago. There are many more to come.... eventually.

1999 Aug 17: Raven Girl
Raven Girl
She had a certain look I was trying to capture
1999 Aug 10: Dawk!
More than a little [*]Don  Martin influence showing through,
although I was inspired more immediately by
a fellow cartooning — well! — at the next table.
1999 Aug 3: Mr. Sunshine
Mr Sunshine
during the middle of a scorching drought, apparently.
1999 Jul 27: Greenbug
Okay, so it's more like a spider.
1999 Jul 20: Man in Cap
Man in Cap
This face looks nothing like the fellow who inspired this sketch…
but the cap is pretty close to what he was wearing.

The Art of

Nothing Much

Admissions of limitations as a songsmith.

Eb            Db      C
Ain't nothin' much in music
    Bb           C
The words barely rhyme
Bb               C
Nothing profound most of the time

    Eb        Db      C
And maybe the songs I sing
     Bb         C
Mean nothing to you
   Bb               C
Forget them all  is all you'll do

     C             D       E     Am
I suppose it's too much to hope
F       E
I could make you cry
Am     E
Love's tear in your eye
E          D
--- A song so full of beauty
E                 D
You would come to see your duty
Eb            Db
--- Or one to help you along
Just enough to get by

   C     Bb    C         Bb
Oh my oh my oh live your life
    C     Bb    C         Bb
And my oh my oh take your chances
    C          Bb   C            Bb
The secret who sits right in the center
C          Bb         C          Bb
Loves everyone in the circle who dances
    Eb    Db            C
Yet now before I stray away
     Bb                      C
From what I first set out to say
  Eb          Db           C
I hope you'll stay for the whole show
 Bb - C    Bb - C
(hm - mm   hm - mm)

    C      D              E       Am
And if you can't take the songs I sing
   F                E            Am  E
If they don't reach you where we all are
Eb         Db         C
    That's all right, too.
Bb                       C
They weren't written for you.
Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #1

The Art of

Anyone Can

Universal encouragment of confident pictographic self-expression

…so go ahead and doodle!

Sure, Bob
Anyone can
Don't you?