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Know the Enemy

In a controversial remark, Sunni leader Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliar on Saturday described the concept of gender equality as "un-Islamic" and said that women could never equal men as "they are fit only to deliver children".…

10:28pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

Spiritual Matters

The U.S. Constitution allows a large Latin cross to stay as the centerpiece of the Bladensburg World War I Veterans Memorial, a federal court in Maryland ruled Monday.

In 1925, the American Legion erected the Bladensburg cross as a memorial honoring 49 men in Prince George’s County, Maryland, who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in World War I.…

10:30pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

Animal Culture

Bald Eagle

Two Canadian brothers who rescued a bald eagle from a trap took the rare chance to snap a selfie with the stately creature before setting it free.…

Great story. Fantastic photo.
10:40pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW


…Once it’s injected, these disposal wells transport waste fluid from the surface deep underground, often into the Arbuckle formation.

This formation is popular — and poorly understood. But scientists, state officials and the oil and gas industry are in a rush to figure it out…

10:37pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

Educating Ourselves

This past week, I actually had a student come forward after a university chapel service and complain because he felt “victimized” by a sermon on the topic of 1 Corinthians 13. It appears that this young scholar felt offended because a homily on love made him feel bad for not showing love. In his mind, the speaker was wrong for making him, and his peers, feel uncomfortable.

I’m not making this up.…

The excellent Dr. Everett Piper, President, Bartlesville's Oklahoma Wesleyan University
10:42pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

Defending Ourselves

A federal discrimination lawsuit filed by a Muslim activist group against a Florida gun retailer owner who declared his shop a “Muslim-Free Zone” has been dismissed.

U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled that Florida Gun Supply owner Andy Hallinan’s sign was protected by the First Amendment, and the activists couldn’t prove they were injured by the action…

10:32pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

Healthier Humans

A Bartlesville girl is being hailed as a hero for saving the life of her younger sister, thanks to actions she took after taking a baby-sitting course at Jane Phillips Medical Center.…

10:37pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1886 the Folies Bergère staged its first revue.…

Vic's news round-up for the final dayof the month.
5:35am CST Mon 2015 Nov 30 :MW

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…On this day in 1954 Alger Hiss was released from prison after serving 44 months for perjury.…

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor lack of a morning thread, shall stay this courier from his appointed news delivery.
9:35am CST Fri 2015 Nov 27 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1789 a national Thanksgiving Day was observed in the United States as proclaimed by President George Washington at the request of Congress. However, it did not become a national holiday until 1863 when Lincoln made it so for the Northern part of the country on the last Thursday of Nov. In 1941 FDR changed it to the 4th Thursday which is where it is at now.…

News is News, and Vic brings it with Views. Happy Thanksgiving.
9:04am CST Thu 2015 Nov 26 :MW

Breitbart is Here


… On this day in 1947 the Hollywood Ten were blacklisted by Hollywood movie studios. They were also cited for contempt of congress and were sentenced to 6 months to a year in jail. They were held in contempt because they refused to admit they were communists, which was later born out in other testimony. In fact, according to research by Ann Coulter for her book Hollywood was literally overrun with communists at the time.…

Vic's on top of the news and conveys it to us with a side of opinion. Retro-blogged a day late. Busy holidays.
8:54am CST Wed 2015 Nov 25 :MW

Disinformation Propaganda and Spin


Attorneys representing Ahmed Mohamed and his family want an apology and $15 million in damages after his arrest in September. The former MacArthur High School freshman was accused of bringing an item that looked like a bomb to school. It turned out to be a clock.… …

Yes, "turned out to be a clock," a clock dismantled and shoved in a case to look just like bombs look. Nice bomb prototype, Ahmed, but you couldn't bring it into the White House!
1:46pm CST Tue 2015 Nov 24 :MW

Earth Shakes

Okla Flag earthquake

…This year, more than 5, 000 earthquakes have been recorded and studied in our state. Residents have become accustomed to the little shaking, rattling and rolling. However, experts say earthquakes in Oklahoma will likely increase in magnitude over time. Now, research said it's only a matter of time before we get a big one that will change life for those of us living here.…

Perhaps. Not exactly the same conditions as, say, California, or the Juan de Fuca situation off the NW coast. Unless the Madrid "drift" theory is correct, in which case, look out!
1:42pm CST Tue 2015 Nov 24 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1835 the Texas government authorized the formation of the Texas Rangers.…

Vic is here with his take on the news today.
9:25am CST Tue 2015 Nov 24 :MW

Know the Enemy

Left-wing cable news network CNN has been caught red-handed selectively editing Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s comments about a “Muslim registry,” and doing so in order to make it sound as though he is agreeing to this registry. He is not.…

9:38pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 22 :MW

…“I think on the one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype. But I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people and that is justified…”

C-Span wants to know if Obama admitted he was Muslim. It sure sounds like it.…

I'd note this was immediately remarked upon during the speech by several commenters on Ace of Spades blog.
9:35pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 22 :MW

In 2013, Campbell’s Soup Company went Halal with approval from Hamas-linked ISNA.
For those unfamiliar, ISNA, The Islamic Society of North America is one of many American Islamic organizations that front for the Muslim Brotherhood… Speaking only for myself (and my family) – being aware of how Campbell’s has chosen to conduct business by inadvertently (I hope) sponsoring terror and the demise of traditional American values, I have for some time avoided purchasing Campbell’s products.…

9:31pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 22 :MW

Language Culture

Electric Smiley

It has been a tradition of Oxford Dictionaries to choose the most popular word once a year.

Casper Grathwohl, president of Oxford Dictionaries, said conventional words have been having a tough time fulfilling the surging needs of visual communication in recent years. The tech company quickly found that the “Face with Tears of Joy” emoji is by far the most popular.…

9:28pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 22 :MW

Animals can be Dangerous

Imagine that you're walking along a road, minding your own business — or perhaps you're driving in your car — when all of a sudden, out of the blue, a cow comes hurtling out of the sky and lands on top of you. This situation, odd as it may sound, happens more often than you might think, often with tragic consequences both to the cow and the person struck.…

3:12pm CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Criminally Stupid

EL RENO, Oklahoma …The story takes a lot of twists and turns, but it eventually led to a hotel where the suspect in a carjacking used a stolen cell phone to take selfies … [which] ended up on the owner's iCloud account, and police were quickly able to track him down. …

12:26pm CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Know the Enemy


Nov 18 - Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky from Illinois told SiriuxXM radio that the Paris terrorist attacks last week were a “chilling reminder” that the U.S. needs more restrictive gun laws.…

11:57am CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Impeach Obama

U.S. pilots confirm: Obama admin blocks 75% of proposed airstrikes on ISIS… “You went 12 full months while ISIS was on the march without the U.S. using that air power and now as the pilots come back to talk to us they say three-quarters of our ordnance we can’t drop, we can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us,” Royce said. “I don’t understand this strategy at all because this is what has allowed ISIS the advantage and ability to recruit.”

When asked to address Royce’s statement, a Pentagon official defended the Obama administration’s policy and said that the military is furiously working to prevent civilian casualties.…

There aren't that many "civilians" who aren't supporting ISIS in those target zones.
11:51am CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Art of

…"I was able to wing it, right up until the point that I had to start shooting this very intricate battle, and I couldn't wing it on that, really," he continued, discussing the decision to postpone the sequence. "We had allowed two months of shooting for that in 2012, and at some point, when we were approaching that, I went to Zane and Carol, our producers, and ultimately talked to the studio and said: ‘Because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing now, because I haven’t got storyboards and prep in this three months that we have now got this battle, why don’t we just finish earlier?' "…

Didn't know what he was doing. Shocked, shocked, I tell you!

I quit watching the first one when Doctor Who with bird dung dribbling down his face was racing along on a sled pulled by giant bunnies. Just like in the book!

3:28pm CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Composition No. 1 by Marc Saporta was the first-ever do-it-yourself or interactive novel. It was published in French in 1962, and an English translation followed a year later. The novel came in a box, as a set of looseleaf pages. Readers were instructed to "shuffle them like a deck of cards" before reading, so that chance would decide the order of events in the narrative.…

3:09pm CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

US Military

ChiCom Flag

80 soldiers from China’s People’s Liberation Army are visiting Joint Base Lewis-McChord…
It’s the first time Chinese troops have been invited to train in the continental United States…

What th...??!!?
5:56pm CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Breitbart is Here


The big story of the day was the jihad attack on a Radisson hotel in Bamako, Mali, which left at least 27 people dead. The mujahideen took 170 hostages, forcing people to recite Koran verses to prove they were Muslims. Those who failed the test were killed. American special forces helped local commandos storm the building, freeing the remaining hostages, killing some of the terrorists, and trapping the rest on the upper floors and roof of the building.

It’s not in tonight’s news feed items, but there is a breaking news report that Belgium has placed Brussels on the highest possible terror alert, citing a “serious and imminent threat”.…

News headline links and summaries. (Retro-added a day late.)
9:32pm CST Sat 2015 Nov 21 :MW

Know the Enemy

…A group masquerading as conservative but backed by left-wing foundations including billionaire George Soros's Foundation to Promote Open Society (FPOS) has launched an online advertising campaign in defense of bringing Syrian refugees to the United States.

The banner ads bear tag lines like, "Support freedom, not fear," and, "America is better when we welcome refugees." They lead to a microsite located at with Old Glory-clothed, American flag-waving young people, with a light-skinned blonde leading the way for others who appear to be ethnic minorities partially or fully obscured behind her.…

1:12pm CST Fri 2015 Nov 20 :MW

Wars and Rumors

In the last 24 hours:

Police on lookout for 4 suspicious bearded men spotted at Pentagon

5 Muslim foreign nationals arrested on Ohio turnpike

6 Syrians with fake passports on the way to the US arrested in Honduras

8 Syrian migrants arrested at Texas border near Laredo

10:28am CST Thu 2015 Nov 19 :MW

Democracy in Action

What corrupts politics more: Millionaires and billionaires? Or the rules that intend to limit the influence of wealthy donors? George Will, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post, explains who designed campaign finance reform and why Congress's solution to the problem may actually be the bigger problem.…

Video, 5:43, Prager University, YouTube
8:19am CST Thu 2015 Nov 19 :MW

Many voters don't have the money to donate to political candidates or don't care enough to bother. But what if the government gave them $100 to dole out as they saw fit?

That's the experiment underway in Seattle after voters this month adopted the nation's first voucher system for campaign contributions. The idea is to get those who don't normally donate more involved in politics as a way to counteract the influence of big corporate donors and wealthy individuals…

One kind of corruption to counter a different perceived corruption? Riiight. What could go wrong?
8:16am CST Thu 2015 Nov 19 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1990 pop group Milli Vanilli were stripped of their Grammy Award because the duo did not sing at all on the Girl You Know It's True album. Session musicians had provided all the vocals, they had also been lip-sinking all their stage shows. …

Start your day the Vic News way. (Almost) every day.
8:09am CST Thu 2015 Nov 19 :MW

Know the Enemy

…The “refugees, migrants, immigrants” usually described as “the Syrian refugees”are not all from Syria. Some intelligence sources say that 4 out of 5 refugees are not from Syria. They have apparently been told that they are welcome in Europe and will receive welfare and schooling and all sorts of benefits they can’t obtain at home. And once there, they are demanding, and particular, and ungrateful.…

Headline c/o some commenter on Ace of Spades. Sorry, don't know who.
11:48am CST Wed 2015 Nov 18 :MW

…Turkish football fans booed and shouted “Allahu Akbar” during a minute’s silence for the victims of the Paris terror attacks, during which 132 people died at the hands of Islamist Jihadists.

The silence was held before a friendly game between the Turkish national team and Greece on Tuesday night in Istanbul.…

As well as “Allahu Akbar” — Arabic for “god is great” — spectators also chanted, “the martyrs are immortal, the fatherland indivisible”, a popular slogan used by nationalists against the Kurdish, but also one which appears to imply sympathy for the dead ISIS terrorists and suicide bombers.…

A "friendly" match? What would "unfriendly" look like?
11:44am CST Wed 2015 Nov 18 :MW

…Imam Yassin el Forkani a youth cleric practicing in Amsterdam, has come out to warn the "thou shalt not blame Islam crowd" saying, "we cannot continue saying that this [terrorism] has nothing to do with Islam."

"The harsh reality is that the attackers theologically legitimize their actions. We can not avoid it. We can not continue saying that this has nothing to do with Islam," El Forkani told the Volkskrant on Saturday.…

Still a Muslim, though…
11:38am CST Wed 2015 Nov 18 :MW

Breitbart is Here


… On this day in 326 the "old" Saint Peter's Basilica that was built by Emperor Constantine over the reported site of Saint Peter's grave was consecrated. On this day in 1626 its replacement was consecrated. The original one was damaged by the invasions of barbarians during the sacking of Rome when they were looting and had fallen into ruin. The replacement was built in the same location.

Vic brings the news — and the daily history lesson.
7:52am CST Wed 2015 Nov 18 :MW

Animal Companions


Brazil …The dog who was scavenging for food in a garbage dump came across the newborn who still had the umbilical cord attached. The smart dog gently carried the baby in her mouth out of the dump, walked a few hundred feet to the closest house and handed the baby over to helpful humans hands. … Medical representatives said the baby boy is in great condition and was unharmed by the dog.…

As The Political Hat commented on Ace of Spades, "Proof that dogs are better than people." I would say, rather, "can be," but, yeah.
5:21am CST Tue 2015 Nov 17 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1997 in Luxor, Egypt, 62 people were killed by six muzzie terrorists outside the Temple of Hatshepsut, known as Luxor massacre. The Swiss Federal Police later determined that bin Laden had financed the operation. So when Clinton was offered Bin laden he should have jumped on the chance.…

Vic's morning news links, more eye-opening than a pot of coffee.
5:24am CST Tue 2015 Nov 17 :MW

Wars and Rumors

Islamic State warned in a new video on Monday that countries taking part in air strikes against Syria would suffer the same fate as France, and threatened to attack in Washington.…

8:43pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Kurdish forces are reporting they have uncovered two mass graves while on patrol in Sinjar, Iraq, on Sunday, after liberating that city from the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) control.

Seventy-eight elderly women were buried together by the Islamic State terrorists, Kurdish leaders said of the first mass grave, located about nine miles from Sinjar. The second grave contained between 50 and 60 people: women, men, and children, said Qasim Samir, the Sinjar director of intelligence.…

8:36pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

WW2 - still with us

…“I just saw the picture and thought ‘oh my goodness!'”

On the front was a photo. On the back, a detailed log of her beloved soldier’s travels around the world, where he writes of seven bombings and an attack that filled his B-24 with holes.

“It’s a history in itself to me. I just hope that it gets back to her family because she’s a beautiful lady.” …

8:48pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Art of

Music is mourning the death of esteemed singer-songwriter P.F. Sloan (Phil), who passed away on Sunday night (Nov. 15) at his Los Angeles home after fighting pancreatic cancer for several weeks, according to a release. He was 70 years old.…

7:29pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Wild Oklahoma

Okla Flag

…When the shotgun fired, they thundered across the line on horseback, mule, bicycle, and foot; in wagons; and even inside, outside, and on top of trains churning in from Texas and Kansas. Some got land, but most didn’t. There were fistfights, shootouts, and court battles. Many sneaked in early and claimed some of the best 160-acre tracts and town lots. These energetic folks earned the label “Sooners.”

By sundown on April 22, however, the entire country was settled, including the present-day towns of Oklahoma City, Norman, Stillwater, Kingfisher, and Guthrie, the latter designated as the territorial capital. More than 12,000 pioneers poured into Oklahoma City alone, which that morning had been a quiet railroad station on the prairie, sporting less than 10 structures near the dry banks of the North Canadian River.

The “Run of ’89” was an international sensation.…

6:56pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Spiritual Matters

Yale theology professor Miroslav Volf argues that all religions are basically the same—equally prone to fanatical violence and to peaceful love of neighbor—and thus should be treated in exactly the same way. …

Sure, all alike. Except little trivial things like, Christianity says Love Thy Neighbor and Judeo-Christianity is commanded to give true witness, while Islam says Kill the Infidels and lying is okay. Just the same.
8:33pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Securing Our Borders

Okla Flag

…Governor Mary Fallin says Oklahoma will not stop accepting Syrian refugees but urges President Obama to suspend the US acceptance of the program. …

Say what? Governor, that's not how you do it. Join the crowd or quit.
8:29pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

…It is hard to keep track of how many states have now said NO WAY to Obama’s plans to seed Islam throughout the country. So far the list includes:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin…

And more, since this was written, including Kansas. Yet, hmmm, between Kansas and Texas, what?
8:27pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Breitbart is Here


Investigators searching for accomplices and co-conspirators in Friday’s Paris massacre are focusing on the culturally enriched Brussels suburb of Molenbeek. Based on a Belgian car that was seen parked at the Bataclan, authorities have zeroed in on a specific neighborhood in Molenbeek. Meanwhile, the Belgian prime minister advised citizens not to travel to Paris unless it was strictly necessary.

In other news, thieves broke in through the roof an Army Reserve armory in Worcester, Massachusetts, and made off with six M4 assault rifles, ten pistols, and several long guns. Authorities hastily assured the public that the incident had nothing to do with terrorism. Or Islam, for that matter. …

News headline links and summaries. Going to try to keep up with GoV Newsfeed again.
9:06pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

The lines have been drawn– there is a segment of society that no matter what… they hate Donald Trump, and the notion of him becoming president make them ill.. To them I dedicate this video. Heh, heh, heh. …

The latest from Joe Dan Gorman.
7:24pm CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

…On this day in 1973 Richard Nixon signed the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Authorization Act into law, authorizing the construction of the Alaska Pipeline. The pipeline was completed in 1977 and contrary to all the doomsday eco-nazis there has been zero negative impact by the pipeline.…

Vic's up early to gather the news for you.
7:50am CST Mon 2015 Nov 16 :MW

Criminally Stupid

Authorities have arrested an Oklahoma man accused of kidnapping a woman and forcing her to fly a contraband-filled drone over the Oklahoma State Penitentiary. … drone caught on wire fencing and fell inside the prison walls where it was found with marijuana, two hacksaw blades, a cellphone, cigarettes, cigars, glue, methamphetamines and heroin. …digital card found inside the drone showed pictures of the suspect.…

9:27pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 15 :MW

Feeding Ourselves

…Net farm income is forecast to be $58.3 billion in 2015, down 36 percent from 2014…

7:56am CST Sun 2015 Nov 15 :MW

Spiritual Matters

…recent Anglican Church of England… polling results showed that the majority of people surveyed believed Jesus was “not a real person.” …4,000 respondents where 57% identified themselves as Christians. Less than 10% of Christians read the Bible, prayed on a regular basis or went to church at least once a month.…

Don't believe Jesus was real but don't read the Bible. Hmm. No connection,I'm sure.
9:21pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 15 :MW


New evidence from a recently-published scientific study indicates that humans started crafting stone-tipped weapons 200,000 years earlier than previously believed. …previously attributed to Homo sapiens and Neanderthals around 300,000 years ago, but the new findings indicate that a shared ancestor between the two, Homo heidelbergensis, was practicing the craft 500,000 years ago.…

9:24pm CST Sun 2015 Nov 15 :MW

Securing Our Borders

…Obama's "first load of 10,000 Syrian refugees arrived in the U.S., where they will be resettled into 180 unsuspecting U.S. communities.… Where are the Syrian refugees and/or the ISIS terrorists being relocated? The pathetic stooges at The New York Times were kind enough to publish a detailed map …

7:48am CST Sun 2015 Nov 15 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1959 the murders of the Clutter Family in Holcomb, Kansas took place, which inspired Truman Capote's supposedly non-fiction book In Cold Blood.…

The Blog-Heaper has, too obviously, been slack at blogging of late. The world continues to rush by but various problems have kept me from doing this and many other things. Can't say if or when I'll return to the regular irregular blogging, but we (almost) always have Vic to inform us ofthe major stories of the day.
7:40am CST Sun 2015 Nov 15 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this date in 1995 the first of the phony government shutdowns occurred because Bill Clinton vetoed Republican spending bills twice.…

7:57am CST Sat 2015 Nov 14 :MW

Impeach Obama

…As for the possibility that President Obama might simply ignore the defense bill and close Guantánamo Bay through executive order, Reuters describes Republicans as “furious” at such suggestions…

As Vic says, "Republicans talk the talk on GITMO closure and prisoner transfer but will they walk the walk? I say not if the past is any clue."
7:53am CST Thu 2015 Nov 12 :MW


…Known as GJ 1132b, it is the closest rocky exoplanet to have ever been found… Drake Deming, an astronomer at the University of Maryland, was so excited about the findings, published this week in Nature, that he described the new world as "arguably the most important planet ever found outside the solar system"… not likely to host life as we know it.…

8:34am CST Thu 2015 Nov 12 :MW

Defending Ourselves

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say one burglary suspect is dead and another arrested after a 13-year-old boy opened fire at a home in Ladson on Tuesday. … boy said one of the two suspects attempted to get into the home, at which time the teen said he feared for his safety, got his mother's gun and began firing …

7:49am CST Thu 2015 Nov 12 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1927 Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party, leaving Joseph Stalin in undisputed control of the Soviet Union. …

Return of the Newsmeister Vic, with his world report.
7:42am CST Thu 2015 Nov 12 :MW

US Military

'Confederate Veterans Lives Matter' Claims Tulsa Parade Unfairly Denied Float… The Confederate Veterans Lives Matter Group formed this summer after hearing South Carolina banned the rebel flag. …

9:47am CST Tue 2015 Nov 10 :MW

Amid Controversy, Muslim Group Participates In Tulsa Parade To Honor Veterans

"Muslim Group" = OK chapter of terrorist organization CAIR.
9:46am CST Tue 2015 Nov 10 :MW

Breitbart is Here

Lawn! Off!

…On this day in 1970 the Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 against hearing a case to allow Massachusetts to enforce its law granting residents the right to refuse military service in an undeclared war. This nullification law was passed for the sole purpose of trying to force the Supreme Court to rule directly on the Constitutionality of the Vietnam War. The ruling by the court was based on lack of jurisdiction.

Vic scours the news and scrapes the residue off starting here today.
7:49am CST Mon 2015 Nov 9 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1933 President Franklin D. Roosevelt unveiled one of the first of his unconstitutional programs, the Civil Works Administration, an organization designed to create jobs for more than 4 million unemployed. He voluntarily ended it the next March because it had wide spread opposition from the general public. …

Vic is the early bird and the news is full of worms. He makes spaghetti.
6:52am CST Sun 2015 Nov 8 :MW

Golden Rulers

Star Bright

…When the only choice for little La’Darious Wylie was save himself or save his 7-year-old sister as a car bore down on them, La’Darious did not blink. He did not stop. He did not falter.

The tiny boy with the huge heart saved his sister.…

As Nickarama rightly noted, "no greater love…."
8:48am CST Sat 2015 Nov 7 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1908 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were reportedly killed in San Vicente, Bolivia.…

Vic brings the news of the world to you.
6:52am CST Sat 2015 Nov 7 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1947 Meet The Mess made its TV debut.…

The Vic is back, with news and views to confuse.
6:58am CST Fri 2015 Nov 6 :MW



A "UFO was intercepted" by the International Space Station (ISS), claim alien hunters, who allege footage from a NASA live camera feed which zoomed in on a mysterious glowing orb suddenly cut out. …

4:33pm CST Tue 2015 Nov 3 :MW

Transport Future

When Tommaso Gecchelin envisions the future of urban transportation, he, like many people, imagines a system of driverless electric cars. But in Gecchelin’s vision, the system is modular. Its boxy vehicles are flat-sided, identically sized, and can link up and disconnect on the fly. …

Hmm. This looks exactly like what I predicted in the Modular Compartments panel of the Getting From Here to There series! Hmmm.
4:15pm CST Tue 2015 Nov 3 :MW

Earth Science

Massive 'crack in the Earth' opens up suddenly in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains… The immense crack, which appears to split a hilltop in half, was discovered by startled backcountry hunters. …

4:40pm CST Tue 2015 Nov 3 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1911 Chevrolet officially entered the automobile market in competition with Ford. …

Start your day the right way, with a big dollop of Vic's news headline links and editorial summaries. You'll be glad you did!
7:16am CST Tue 2015 Nov 3 :MW

Your Tax Dollars At Play

It might be the world's most expensive gas station — not to mention a gross misuse of taxpayer money, according to a top government watchdog. The Department of Defense spent $43 million to build a gas station in Afghanistan that should have cost roughly $500,000…

8:58am CST Mon 2015 Nov 2 :MW

Defending Ourselves

Chicago… masked man… walked into the store and currency exchange… Saturday on the city's southwest side, displayed a handgun and announced a robbery to an employee… next pointed his weapon at another employee and forced her to the back of the store. … armed [concealed carry licensed] customer then fatally shot the man multiple times… [thief was] pronounced dead on the scene… had an extensive criminal history, including prior arrests for robbery…

"It's a slippery slope" when it comes to the question of whether citizens who are licensed to carry guns should intervene in dangerous situations, if at all, [police spokesweasel Anthony] Guglielmi said.…

No, it is not a "slippery slope," and certainly not in this case!
8:44am CST Mon 2015 Nov 2 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1898 cheerleading in college football was started at the University of Minnesota. …

Vic's news.

Your blog-heaper has been distracted lately. Nobody cares.

8:37am CST Mon 2015 Nov 2 :MW


…One agonizing step from ecstasy last season, this time the Royals reign after their latest incredible comeback and a go-ahead hit from maybe the most unlikely player in uniform. Christian Colon singled home the tiebreaking run in the 12th inning…

9:02am CST Mon 2015 Nov 2 :MW

Breitbart is Here


…On this day in 1512 the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo was exhibited to the public for the first time.…

Vic's news posted a day late. Blame daylight saving reset or something.
8:36am CST Sun 2015 Nov 1 :MW