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Radical Incline

Another unbeatable Democrat team

Hill!/Max! 2020

Radical Incline

Some fell upon stony places

Cory Booker Chia Head

Radical Incline

Never mind that Constitutional age limit

Cortez-Hogg 2020

Radical Incline

Another winning Democrat team-up

The Art of

Hint #1: It's All Natural

This picture was sent to my cell from a number I didn't recognize:

Looks like cabbage?

Can you guess what it is?

Toasted coconut run through a food processor and layered with phyllo dough, nuts, and honey, ready to bake after adding a fruit filling in the center?

A cunning navigational instrument found on an ancient sunken Greek ship, covered in seaweed?

Hint #2: I figured out the picture had been sent to me by our auto mechanic.

I had taken the truck in because of a horrendous noise in the blower for the heat/AC.

The picture is that blower, infested.

The truck had been parked for several days. Some pack rats apparently had decided the blower for the heat/AC was a great winter nesting place.

Ran much quieter once that stuff was removed.

Our cats have been alerted to guard the truck henceforth.