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UB comix #8

It's a jungle in there!

UB comix #7

1-2-3-4-5-6-7, all good children go to heaven.


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Mysteries of Sevens

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UB comix #6

Setting your goals high enough.

UB comix #5

Revelation or fabrication? You be the judge!

Old Blue

"Rumor has it that the
manuscript was first found in a
Cleveland tenement in 1935."

—"A Cosmic Bible,"
a short witty review of The Urantia Book
by Steve Kosek, Oui Magazine, Aug.1976
A Cosmic Bible

The facts are likely to remain unknown forever,
since the ones who were in a position to know
all moved on without telling.
All the rest is speculation, based on data, hearsay, rumor.
Like with the apocryphal last words of the contact commission,
"You are now on your own,"
like his followers when Jesus left this world,
once one has read the UB, the magic act ends.
Now you're on your own,
to do what you can with it.

Apocryphal farewell of the revelators:
"You are now on your own."^ (see 1954)


UB comix #4

Ask yourself, what isn't channelled?