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Missing Planets Attest To Destructive Power Of Stars' Tides Sun 2009-May-3 10:39pm

During the last two decades, astronomers have found hundreds of planets orbiting stars outside our solar system. New research indicates they might have found even more except for one thing — some planets have fallen into their stars and simply no longer exist. [Um... duh.]

Healing Ourselves

Cementless Hip Implants Are Durable For At Least 20 Years Sun 2009-May-3 10:44pm

Despite the common perception that total hip replacements last about 10 years, researchers at Rush University Medical Center have found that the devices are extremely durable, even 20 years after surgery.

Marriage Today

Maine Senate passes same-sex marriage bill Sat 2009-May-2 6:16pm

Maine's senate passed a bill on Thursday that could make the northeastern U.S. state the fifth in the country to allow gay marriage, but the lower chamber and governor have yet to approve it.

Digital Family Patterns

YouTube helped father deliver baby Fri 2009-May-1 2:37pm

Marc Stephens said he had to act quickly when his wife Jo went into labour three weeks early as she had a history of fast births with her previous three children. The 28-year-old Royal Navy air engineer, from Redruth, Cornwall, searched "how to deliver a baby" on the internet and after viewing a few clips said he was ready to help deliver healthy baby Gabriel.

Spiritual Matters

Hitchens slams Falwell's life Thu 2009-Apr-30 10:39pm

Hitchens joined Anderson Cooper last night on a shortened version of "AC360" to discuss the life of Jerry Falwell. Former Director of the Christian Coalition Ralph Reed was first up and as expected, praised Falwell...then came old Chris and he offered up an alternate perspective.

Evolution Isn't Easy

Africans have world's greatest genetic variation Thu 2009-Apr-30 9:18pm

Africans have more genetic variation than anyone else on Earth, according to a new study that helps narrow the location where humans first evolved... nearly three-fourths of African-Americans can trace their ancestry to West Africa... The so-called "Cape-colored" population of South Africa has highest levels of mixed ancestry on the globe, a blend of African, European, East Asian and South Indian... about 71 percent of African-Americans can trace their ancestry to western African origins. They also have between 13 percent and 15 percent European ancestry and a smaller amount of other African origins. There was "very little" evidence for American Indian genes among African-Americans....

Disturbing Family Patterns

Prison officer resigns after giving birth to baby of 'dangerous' inmate Thu 2009-Apr-30 3:06pm

A former prison officer has given birth to a baby fathered by a 'dangerous' inmate. ... Police were called in over accusations that she had breached security, but she resigned before they finished investigating.

Police: Texas girl, 12, shot dad in back of head Thu 2009-Apr-30 1:16pm

KATY — Police say a 12-year-old suburban Houston girl fatally shot her father in the back of the head, possibly while he was sleeping. ... Neighbor... told the newspaper there had been tension between the girl and her father.

Disturbing Family Patterns

Mother Faces BWI Charge Wed 2009-Apr-29 9:36am

North Dakota woman, 26, is facing a child neglect charge for allegedly breast-feeding while drunk ... Since alcohol can pass from mother to child via breast milk, Anvarinia was arrested for neglecting her six-week-old infant ...

Earth Science

Journey to the centre of the Earth Wed 2009-Apr-29 3:46pm

probably the most ambitious seismological project ever conducted... USArray ... to run what amounts to an ultrasound scan over the 48 contiguous states of the US. Through the seismic shudders and murmurs that rack Earth's innards, it will build up an unprecedented 3D picture of what lies beneath North America. ... 400 transportable seismometers - will sweep all the way from the Pacific to the Atlantic. Having started off in California in 2004, it is now just east of the Rockies, stretching from Montana's border with Canada down past El Paso on the Texas-Mexico border. By 2013, it should have reached the north-east coast, and its mission end. ... "It is our version of the Hubble Space Telescope. With it, we'll be able to view Earth in a fundamentally different way..."

Spiritual Matters

Americans not losing their religion, but changing it often Mon 2009-Apr-27 7:30pm

Story Highlights Ingrid Case switched from her Episcopalian church to becoming a Quaker Study: More than half of American adults have changed religion in their lives In the 19th century many people shifted religions as well, says Mark Silk "I began to see there were some things I wasn't able to get on board with fully. I don't like the traditional Episcopalian focus on the afterlife...."

Disturbing Family Patterns

California mom charged with murder of toddler Mon 2009-Apr-27 7:31pm

A Southern California mother has been charged with murdering the 18-month-old daughter she initially reported missing last month.... Brother... says the child's death was an accident, but she didn't tell him what happened.

Marriage Today

Iowans unsure of benefits gay marriages will bring Sun 2009-Apr-26 6:28pm

Iowa counties begin processing same-sex marriage applications Monday and the first gay weddings could happen within hours, but details of just what changes and benefits the ceremonies will bring are still being untangled. ... "It's all about me having the legal right to protect my family, and it's about my daughters being able to grow up knowing that their family is absolutely as valid as any other family...."

Disturbing Family Patterns

Kansas City Parents Charged After Baby Burned, Mother: Didn't Want to Pay $700 for Ambulance Sun 2009-Apr-26 9:10pm

KANSAS CITY, MO. - The parents of a 5-month-old are under arrest and charged with endangering the welfare of a child after the baby was burned and they didn't take him to the hospital for weeks.... said he was accidentally burned with hot water during a bath.... She said she didn't call an ambulance because she "didn't want to pay the $700 for it...."

Spiritual Matters

Kevin Roose Infiltrates Liberty University To Write Book Fri 2009-Apr-24 11:13pm

Kevin Roose managed to blend in during his single semester at Liberty University, attending lectures on the myth of evolution and the sin of homosexuality, and joining fellow students on a mission trip to evangelize partyers on spring break. Roose had transferred to the Virginia campus from Brown University in Providence, a famously liberal member of the Ivy League. His Liberty classmates knew about the switch, but he kept something more important hidden: He planned to write a book about his experience at the school founded by fundamentalist preacher Jerry Falwell.

Prehistory - still with us

Artificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Mystery Fri 2009-Apr-24 11:24pm

An ancient script that's defied generations of archaeologists has yielded some of its secrets to artificially intelligent computers. Computational analysis of symbols used 4,000 years ago by a long-lost Indus Valley civilization suggests they represent a spoken language. Some frustrated linguists thought the symbols were merely pretty pictures.... used between 2,600 and 1,900 B.C. in what is now eastern Pakistan and northwest India, belonged to a civilization as sophisticated as its Mesopotamian and Egyptian contemporaries. However, it left fewer linguistic remains. Archaeologists have uncovered about 1,500 unique inscriptions from fragments of pottery, tablets and seals. The longest inscription is just 27 signs long. ... used pattern-analyzing software running what's known as a Markov model, a computational tool used to map system dynamics. They fed the program sequences of four spoken languages: ancient Sumerian, Sanskrit and Old Tamil, as well as modern English. Then they gave it samples of four non-spoken communication systems: human DNA, Fortran, bacterial protein sequences and an artificial language.... When they seeded the program with fragments of Indus script, it returned with grammatical rules based on patterns of symbol arrangement. These proved to be moderately ordered, just like spoken languages. As for the meaning of the script, the program remained silent....

Disturbing Family Patterns

German Couple Abandons Three Children in Restaurant Fri 2009-Apr-24 11:18pm

abandoned their three children -- aged eight months to four years -- in a restaurant in Italy....


Astronaut says we're not alone Thu 2009-Apr-23 10:08pm

UFOApollo 14 astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell, the sixth man ever to walk on the moon, has a message for all citizens of Earth: We are not alone. "We are being visited," the 79-year-old grandfatherly "spacefarer" told 100 or so UFOlogists gathered at a National Press Club conference called by the Paradigm Research Group (motto: "It's not about lights in the sky; it's about lies on the ground"). "It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence," said the astronaut who made the longest moonwalk in history. "I call upon our government to open up … and become a part of this planetary community that is now trying to take our proper role as a spacefaring civilization."


Galaxy's centre tastes of raspberries and smells of rum Thu 2009-Apr-23 10:09pm

Astronomers searching for the building blocks of life in a giant dust cloud at the heart of the Milky Way have concluded that it tastes vaguely of raspberries. ... While they failed to find evidence for amino acids, they did find a substance called ethyl formate, the chemical responsible for the flavour of raspberries....


Millions of stars revealed as Nasa trains its new telescope on the outer edges of the galaxy Wed 2009-Apr-22 2:29pm

incredible pictures from Nasa's new telescope show a galaxy of millions.... Scientists believe it could unveil the first gripping evidence of small, rocky planets like the Earth with the right conditions to support life....

Prehistory - still with us

Arctic Fossil Reveals a "Walking Seal" Wed 2009-Apr-22 2:16pm

Scientists have found the first skeleton of a land-dwelling relative of seals, sea lions, and walruses. The 20-million- to 24-million-year-old Arctic fossil sports webbed feet instead of flippers, providing a long-sought glimpse of what such animals looked like before they dove into the sea.

Disturbing Family Patterns

Cops: Angry mom leaves bickering kids on roadside Wed 2009-Apr-22 2:15pm

kicked her children out of the car in downtown White Plains and drove away on Sunday after they were bickering... 45-year-old mother let her 12-year-old daughter back in the car after she ran to catch up. A Good Samaritan picked up the crying 10-year-old and bought her ice cream while calling police.


Most Earthlike Planet Yet Found May Have Liquid Oceans Tue 2009-Apr-21 6:23pm

planet known as Gliese 581d has a lot more in common with Earth than astronomers first thought. ... New measurements of the planet's orbit place it firmly in a region where conditions would be right for liquid water, and thus life as we know it.... orbits its host in 66.8 days, putting it just inside the cool star's habitable zone....

Marriage Today

Miss California Sparks Furor With Gay Marriage Comments on Miss USA Telecast Mon 2009-Apr-20 3:56pm

"We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that's how I was raised."


Scientific theory and religion-G Sun 2009-Apr-19 5:15pm

"There is at least the possibility that in man at the present time we can observe a significant evolutionary change, inasmuch as, in many persons, the wisdom teeth fail to cut the gums and are consequently for such person's vestigial organs. If this change establishes itself generally, man will only have altogether twenty-eight teeth. He will thus have gone farther along a path already traversed some little way by his recent ancestors" STR, P460 "The continuation of such biologic adjustments is illustrated by the evolution of teeth in the higher Urantia mammals; these attained to thirty-six in man's remote ancestors, and then began an adaptative readjustment toward thirty-two in the dawn man and his near relatives. Now the human species is slowing gravitating toward twenty-eight. The process of evolution is still actively and adaptatively in progress on this planet" UB, P737

Marriage Today

NY governor introduces bill to allow gay marriage Thu 2009-Apr-16 5:16pm

Gov. David Paterson introduced a bill Thursday to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, comparing the effort to the fight for the abolition of slavery. Paterson, whose job approval rating has plunged below 30 percent, is making a political gamble that he can ride the momentum of other states that have recently allowed the practice, and it's unclear how the legislation will play in New York.

Prehistory - still with us

Was A 'Mistress Of The Lionesses' A King In Ancient Canaan? Tue 2009-Apr-14 10:19pm

The legend is that the great rulers of Canaan, the ancient land of Israel, were all men. But a recent dig by Tel Aviv University archaeologists at Tel Beth-Shemesh uncovered possible evidence of a mysterious female ruler.... an unusual ceramic plaque of a goddess in female dress, suggesting that a mighty female "king" may have ruled the city.... may be an artistic representation of the "Mistress of the Lionesses," a female Canaanite ruler who was known to have sent distress letters to the Pharaoh in Egypt reporting unrest and destruction in her kingdom.

Spiritual Matters

Praying to God is like talking to a friend Mon 2009-Apr-13 10:06pm

"It's like talking to another human. We found no evidence of anything mystical." [Surprise!]

Weird Easter traditions from around the world Mon 2009-Apr-13 3:45pm

It's Easter weekend and Britain is stocking up on chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, but elsewhere in the world there are some extremely wacky traditions going on...

Disturbing Family Patterns

Deadbeat dad owes $530K in support Mon 2009-Apr-13 10:05pm

a man fathered 14 children with 13 women and owes more than $530,000 in unpaid child support.... jailed Thursday.... hasn't made a support payment in six years....


UFOs? Aliens? Area 51 Revealed - ABC News Sat 2009-Apr-11 11:34pm

now that the CIA has started to declassify top secret programs developed at Area 51, former military officers and engineers are beginning to shed some light on the enigmatic airfield and give the UFOlogists some new information to consider. ... a super-secret spy plane ... "Area 51 was the most boring place I ever worked." No aliens, no spacecraft from far-flung planets, no underground passageways....

Spiritual Matters

What's up, Jesus? Looney Tunes 'Last Supper' parody stirs controversy Sat 2009-Apr-11 11:33pm

It's not exactly a religious-art brouhaha of "Piss Christ" proportions, but a painting that uses popular cartoon characters to parody Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" is causing a bit of a stir in Old Town San Diego. And just in time for Easter weekend. "The Gathering," a new painting by artist Glen Tarnowski, uses Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin the Martian and Road Runner to stand in for Jesus and his disciples in da Vinci's famous 15th century fresco.

Marriage Today

Secret to marital bliss? Don't have kids Fri 2009-Apr-10 1:51pm

An eight-year study of 218 couples found 90 percent experienced a decrease in marital satisfaction once the first child was born.

Jesus - still with us

Archaeologist: Jesus took a different path Fri 2009-Apr-10 1:47pm

they're all taking the wrong route, according to Israeli archaeologist Shimon Gibson. In a new book, titled "The Final Days of Jesus," Gibson says he has found the location of Jesus' trial, where Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, condemned him to death by crucifixion. ... So if the trial was outside the Old City, as Gibson believes, and not in the Antonia Fortress, then the traditional Via Dolorosa, the route Jesus took to his crucifixion, is wrong. ...

Modern Family Life

22 Years Later, Sick Teen Proud Father , Family Health Articles Fri 2009-Apr-10 1:52pm

now the proud parents of their first child, Stella, who was born in February. Yet when he was a teenage in the 1980's, he not only did not know if he would survive to adulthood or become a father. He was diagnosed with leukemia and had three years of chemotherapy. His doctors then recommended radiation therapy. His parents concerned about the possibility of him surviving but being sterile managed to persuade doctors to freeze a sperm sample for him. ... after 22 years the frozen sperm was thawed and via in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) last June his wife became pregnant....

Spiritual Matters

Christians Speak Out on Newsweek's Gloomy Cover Story Thu 2009-Apr-9 2:21pm

"Most regular church-goers have heard their less scrupulously observant fellows called 'Christmas and Easter Christians.' Well, they also have their counterparts in the mainstream media: "Christmas and Easter Anti-Christians," said Colleen Raezler, a research assistant at the conservative Culture and Media Institute, in a commentary on NewsBusters. "How else to explain the spate of skeptical, negative stories that inevitably accompany the two most important Christian holy days?"

Marriage Today

The gay-marriage war hits TV Thu 2009-Apr-9 2:23pm

The National Organization for Marriage, a key backer of the successful campaign against same-sex marriage in California, is launching a $1.5 million ad campaign to "energize" gay-marriage opponents in key states "by making the case that it will impinge directly on their own lives."


Scientific theory and religion-F Mon 2009-Apr-6 3:22pm

"The X-chromosomes of any species, in addition to determining sex, carry genes. The corresponding genes in the pair of X-chromosomes that determine a female may or may not be identical. Thus the X-chromosome carries genes which give rise to sex-linked characters; and such genes will differ in different strains. We must explicitly repudiate the idea that the sex-chromosomes have no other activity than the determination of sex. They often carry other factors and, when these are modified by mutation, sex-linked changes may appear in the offspring" STR, P447 "This number twelve, with its subdivisions and multiples, runs throughout all basic life patterns of all seven superuniverses. There are also seven architectural types of life design, fundamental arrangements of the reproducing configurations of living matter. The Orvonton life patterns are configured as 12, 24, 48, 96, 192, 384, and 768. On Urantia there are forty-eight units of pattern control—trait determiners—in the sex cell of human reproduction" UB, P397


Appearances of Jesus Sun 2009-Apr-5 6:30pm

After more than 40 years of transmissions these papers known as the "Urantia Papers" were published in 1955 as the Urantia Book. This 2,000 page book self proclaims to be the most recent presentation of truth to our planet. The first 1,300 pages teach how things are done in Heaven. The last 700 pages are the complete life and teachings of Jesus. These papers give a detailed account of 19 appearances of Jesus after his resurrection. The New Testament only tells of four appearances... -Lynn E. Rhoderick Grants

Spiritual Matters

Cartoonist Robert Crumb set to publish 'scandalous satire' of the Book of Genesis Sun 2009-Apr-5 12:14am

The famously subversive US cartoonist Robert Crumb has announced the completion of his long-awaited take on the Book of Genesis. The acclaimed satirist revealed on his personal website that he had finished the project, which is out this autumn, and which his UK publisher is predicting will "provoke the religious right". Four years in the making, Crumb worked from the King James Bible and Robert Alter's translation to reinterpret the Book of Genesis, from the Creation via Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to Noah boarding his ark.

Marriage Today

Iowa court says gay marriage ban unconstitutional Fri 2009-Apr-3 2:03pm

The Iowa Supreme Court issued a unanimous ruling Friday finding that the state's same-sex marriage ban violates the constitutional rights of gay and lesbian couples, making Iowa the third state where marriage is legal. In its decision, the court upheld a 2007 district court judge's ruling that the law violates the state constitution. It strikes the language from Iowa code limiting marriage to only between a man a woman.

Life at polygamist ranch was austere, controlled Fri 2009-Apr-3 1:59pm

ELDORADO, Texas — It was a year ago that the outside world got its first glimpse beyond the battered green gate of the YFZ Ranch. And the view was mesmerizing: Women in pioneer-style dresses, their hair swept up in braids. Men who married multiple times — sometimes, it was said, to underage girls. Children snatched by authorities from their mothers, for fear that they might be abused. ... all but one of the 439 children who were taken away in one of the largest custody cases in U.S. history have returned to their families. About two-thirds are back at the ranch ... The documents obtained by The Associated Press offer a window into an industrious, prayerful community in which marriage was considered a mandatory ticket to heaven, where legal marrying ages are secondary to divine matches ordained by Jeffs. But more than anything else, these papers testify to a simple truth: At the YFZ Ranch, Warren Jeffs controlled everything.

Healing Ourselves

Pentagon Plan to Regrow Limbs: Phase One, Complete Thu 2009-Mar-26 7:16pm

The first phase of the Pentagon's plan to regrow soldiers' limbs is complete; scientists managed to turn human skin into the equivalent of a blastema — a mass of undifferentiated cells that can develop into new body parts. Now, researchers are on to phase two: turning that cellular glop into a square inch of honest-to-goodness muscle tissue.


Scientific theory and religion Wed 2009-Mar-25 1:25pm

There is a similarity between Scientific Theory and Religion and The Urantia Book. "When the elements were arranged in increasing order of atomic weight it was found that elements with similar properties tended to recur at periodic intervals. [Frank Jakubowsky]

Marriage Today

Vermont Senate gives final OK to gay marriage bill Wed 2009-Mar-25 1:31pm

The Vermont Senate has given its final stamp of approval to a bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry in the state. Lawmakers passed the measure on Tuesday in voice vote with no debate. Now the issue moves to the House, where the a committee has scheduled a week's worth of testimony on the bill.

Prehistory - still with us

Fossil Fragments Reveal 500-million-year-old Monster Predator Wed 2009-Mar-25 10:54pm
Hurdia victoria was originally described in 1912 as a crustacean-like animal. Now, researchers from Uppsala University and colleagues reveal it to be just one part of a complex and remarkable new animal that has an important story to tell about the origin of the largest group of living animals, the arthropods. ... Although the first fragments were described nearly one hundred years ago, they were assumed to be part of a crustacean-like animal. It was not then realised that other parts of the animal were also in collections, but had been described independently as jellyfish, sea cucumbers and other arthropods. ... had a segmented body with a head bearing a pair of spinous claws and a circular jaw structure with many teeth. But it differs from Anomalocaris by the possession of a huge three-part carapace that projects out from the front of the animal's head.

Evolution Isn't Easy

First 'Rule' Of Evolution Suggests That Life Is Destined To Become More Complex Wed 2009-Mar-25 10:54pm
Researchers have found evidence which suggests that evolution drives animals to become increasingly more complex. ... "If you start with the simplest possible animal body, then there's only one direction to evolve in — you have to become more complex.... Sooner or later, however, you reach a level of complexity where it's possible to go backwards and become simpler again. "What's astonishing is that hardly any crustaceans have taken this backwards route. Instead, almost all branches have evolved in the same direction, becoming more complex in parallel. "This is the nearest thing to a pervasive evolutionary rule that's been found. "Of course, there are exceptions within the crustacean family tree, but most of these are parasites, or animals living in remote habitats such as isolated marine caves. "For those free-living animals in the 'rat-race' of evolution, it seems that competition may be the driving force behind the trend. "What's new about our results is that they show us how this increase in complexity has occurred. Strikingly, it looks far more like a disciplined march than a milling crowd."

Modern Family Life

Stomach ache teen's baby shock Mon 2009-Mar-16 9:11pm

STUNNED teenager Rachael Yannetta was rushed into hospital with stomach pains ... and then gave birth to a baby daughter. The 19-year-old had no idea she was heavily pregnant and simply thought she was "piling on weight". "I'm still in complete shock," said Miss Yannetta. "Surprise isn't the word, the whole family's stunned."

Healing Ourselves

Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again Sun 2009-Mar-15 4:00pm

SpiderHe's been confined to a wheelchair for 20 years. Now a paraplegic man is walking again. And his doctors call it a miracle. ... A Brown Recluse sent him to the hospital, then to rehab for eight months. "I'm here for a spider bite. I didn't know I would end up walking...."


Three Galaxies Locked In Gravitational Tug-of-war: May Result In Eventual Demise Of One Of Them Wed 2009-Mar-4 9:38pm

About 100 million light-years away, in the constellation of Piscis Austrinus (the Southern Fish), three galaxies are playing a game of gravitational give-and-take that might ultimately lead to their merger into one enormous entity.

Evolution Isn't Easy

Origin of Life On Earth: Scientists Unlock Mystery Of Molecular Machine Wed 2009-Mar-4 9:41pm

Fishyscientists have proposed a new theory for how a universal molecular machine, the ribosome, managed to self-assemble as a critical step in the genesis of all life on Earth.

How A New Theory Of Bird Evolution Came About Wed 2009-Mar-4 9:41pm

Crowa major new theory for the evolution of flight that is changing textbooks around the world. It involves wing-assisted incline running and a fundamental bird wing angle.

Family Patterns

Italian doctor says he has cloned three babies Tue 2009-Mar-3 7:36pm

A controversial Italian doctor known for his work allowing post-menopausal women to have children has claimed in an interview to have cloned three babies who are now living in eastern Europe. "I helped give birth to three children with the human cloning technique," Severino Antinori, a prominent gynaecologist, told Oggi weekly in an interview to appear Wednesday.

Family Patterns

Designer baby row over US clinic Mon 2009-Mar-2 3:54pm

A US clinic has sparked controversy by offering would-be parents the chance to select traits like the eye and hair colour of their offspring. The LA Fertility Institutes run by Dr Jeff Steinberg, a pioneer of IVF in the 1970s, expects a trait-selected baby to be born next year. His clinic also offers sex selection.


Man says pot is sacrament Sun 2009-Mar-1 4:19pm

HempAs I stated in The New Evangelicalism And Its Bohemian-Style Emergent Church, it's just a matter of time before those in the Emergence against Sola Scriptura that are hitting the bong finally 'fess up like the man in the following story "testifies" for the Lord. Within that post I also pointed out that, from my days in a reggae band with two Rastas from Kingston, I personally can tell you for a fact that the spiritual seekers known as the Rastafarians beat both of them to the shtick that God supposedly gave us this herb for "wisdom."


Scientific theory and religion Tue 2009-Feb-24 5:07pm

It was mentioned that Ernest William Barnes book: Scientific Theory and Religion was used for source material for The Urantia Book. Here are some ideas that may indicate a connection. This does not attempt to show that The Urantia Book was authored by humans, but that Celestials used the best available human sources. It gives an idea what the thoughts were at that time.

Spiritual Matters

The Religion of Jesus Church: High For Christ Sat 2009-Feb-21 2:35pm

Exercising one's first amendment right to freedom of religion can be a tricky thing, especially when your form of worship consists of lighting up a joint in the name of God. Just ask Norman Hutchinson of Mexico, Maine. Hutchinson is a member of the Religion of Jesus Church, a Hawaiian-based faith that not only encourages "cannabis sacraments," but mandates it.

Evolution Isn't Easy

Evolution News & Views: Civility of Darwinists Lacking at Academic Freedom on Evolution Event in Oklahoma Sat 2009-Feb-21 8:00pm

[This site is not what one might presume the domain name means; it is, rather, a site for Intelligent Design believers.]


Uniting Urantia mini wiki Fri 2009-Feb-20 7:52pm

Uniting Urantia mini wiki … where students of the Urantia Papers can come together and share thoughts and encouragement.

Family Patterns

Oklahoma House committee effort targets adoption lawyers Tue 2009-Feb-17 10:26pm

A House committee passed a bill Monday intended to stop the "silent auction" of children by cracking down on attorneys who sell and traffic children up for adoption.


U.S. Pilot Ordered to Shoot Down UFO Over England Mon 2009-Feb-16 7:40pm

A former Top Gun said Sunday he was ordered to shoot down a massive UFO over Norwich, England, 50 years ago.

Electric alien smile
Scientist: Alien 'Shadow Life' May Already Live on Earth Mon 2009-Feb-16 7:40pm

Aliens may be living among us, but we wouldn't know it because they'd be microbes that do not have the standard biochemistry of Earth-dwelling organisms.

Spiritual Matters

UCC church leaders shocked at treatment of local pastor by Oklahoma legislators Sun 2009-Feb-15 5:04pm

In what legislators are calling a first, one-fifth of the Oklahoma House voted Feb. 11 to strike from the record a prayer offered on the chamber floor by the Rev. Scott H. Jones, pastor of Cathedral of Hope UCC-Oklahoma City. ... Jones is a constituent of McAffrey's Oklahoma City district. ...believe the objection was raised because of their sexuality. Jones leads the largest predominantly LGBT congregation in Oklahoma City and is himself gay. McAffrey is Oklahoma's only openly gay legislator.

Families Today

Dad at 13 -- Boy Alfie Patten, 13, becomes father of baby girl Maisie with girlfriend Chantelle Steadman, 15 Sun 2009-Feb-15 5:04pm

Baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 but looks more like eight, became a father four days ago when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne. He told how he and Chantelle, 15, decided against an abortion after discovering she was pregnant.

Evolution Isn't Easy

On 'Darwin Day,' many Americans beg to differ Wed 2009-Feb-11 11:44pm

In June of last year, Louisiana became the first state to pass what has become known as an "academic freedom" law. In the past, fights over evolution took place at the local school board level, but academic freedom proponents specifically target state legislatures.

Turtle chimp
Strange facts about the father of evolution Wed 2009-Feb-11 11:44pm

There are no big scandals. Darwin was squeaky clean — a homebody (once he returned from the HMS Beagle voyage) and good husband — hardly the rapscallion image you might have of someone who sailed the seas for five years as a young man and later developed a theory that has rarely ceased to stir controversy since it was published 150 years ago. However, there are some strange facts about Darwin: Stinky feet... Iffy on marriage... Christian, then agnostic... Sickly life...

Darwin on Display: Museum to Showcase Evolution Amid Controversy Wed 2009-Feb-11 11:43pm

"Darwin" will be the most comprehensive exhibit ever mounted on the British naturalist, whose ideas transformed biology and sparked a religious debate that is playing out in courtrooms, statehouses and school board meetings across the United States.

7 Major "Missing Links" Since Darwin Wed 2009-Feb-11 11:43pm

For the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth (February 12, 2009), National Geographic News asked leading scientists for their picks of the most important fossils that show evolution in action—seven of which are presented here, starting with this "fishapod." Discovered in Arctic Canada in 2004, 375 million-year-old Tiktaalik had not only gills and scales but traits of a tetrapod (four-legged land animal), including limblike fins, ribs, a flexible neck, and a croc-shaped head.

Family Patterns

Octuplet grandma in US blasts daughter as 'unconscionable' Wed 2009-Feb-11 1:37pm

The mother of the woman who gave birth to octuplets has slammed her daughter's actions as 'unconscionable' and said that the single mother has no way to support the babies and her six other children.

Evolution Isn't Easy

Darwin, Prescient with 'Origin,' Is Still Influential Mon 2009-Feb-9 8:28pm

ChimpDarwin's theory of evolution has become the bedrock of modern biology. But for most of the theory's existence since 1859, even biologists have ignored or vigorously opposed it, in whole or in part.


Exceptionally Deep View Of Strange Galaxy Sun 2009-Feb-8 6:30pm

SaturnThe Coma Galaxy Cluster, in the northern constellation of Coma Berenices, the hair of Queen Berenice, is one of the closest very rich collections of galaxies in the nearby Universe. The cluster, also known as Abell 1656, is about 320 million light-years from Earth and contains more than 1000 members. ... NGC 4921 is one of the rare spirals in Coma, and a rather unusual one — it is an example of an "anaemic spiral" where the normal vigorous star formation that creates a spiral galaxy's familiar bright arms is much less intense. As a result there is just a delicate swirl of dust in a ring around the galaxy, accompanied by some bright young blue stars that are clearly separated out by Hubble's sharp vision....


The Religion of Jesus Church: High For Christ -- Urantia Mon 2009-Feb-2 3:32pm

"I use marijuana to open the endorphins of the mind so I can spiritually receive God," Hutchinson told the Portland Press Herald. He meets with fellow worshipers every Saturday for their "last supper." The Religion of Jesus Church, hokey as is sounds, is a bona fide religion and has been recognized as such by the State of Hawaii. The church was founded in 1969 by Rev. James Kimmel and incorporates elements of a number of religious traditions including Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Their main religious text is The Urantia Book, whic


'UFO' turbine debris sent to German forensic scientists Sat 2009-Jan-10 10:48pm

UFODebris from a destroyed wind turbine which reports have claimed was hit by a UFO has been sent for forensic analysis in Germany.

Marriage Today

Why not a civil union - for all? - The Boston Globe Mon 2009-Jan-5 7:12pm

"Once again I have to ask, if marriage is a 'sacred,' that is, religious institution, why in the name of the Constitution is the government in the marriage business at all?" -- Robert Finch

Jesus - still with us

Media's 'cold deceit' descends upon Bethlehem Mon 2009-Jan-5 7:12pm

An arctic chill has descended upon Bethlehem in recent days. And I'm not talking about the weather, but the cold deceit of the mainstream media, which, like clockwork, file misleading reports from this important Christian city every year. They completely ignore Muslim intimidation of Christians while blaming Israel for ruining Christmas and for the drastic decline of Christianity in one of the holiest cities for that religion.

Healing Ourselves

Acupuncture Just As Effective Without Needle Puncture, Study Shows Wed 2008-Dec-3 4:02pm

Acupuncture works - but it works equally well with or without needle penetration. ... 109 received traditional acupuncture, with needles penetrating the skin in particular points. According to ancient Chinese tradition, the needle is twisted until a certain 'needle sensation' arises. The other 106 patients received a simulated acupuncture instead, with a telescopic, blunt placebo needle that merely touches the skin.

It Takes Guts To Build Bone, Scientists Discover Wed 2008-Dec-3 4:01pm

Bone growth is controlled in the gut through serotonin, the same naturally present chemical used by the brain to influence mood, appetite and sleep... could transform how osteoporosis is treated in the future by giving doctors a way to increase bone mass, not just slow its loss....

Spiritual Matters

World asked to help craft online charter for religious harmony Fri 2008-Nov-21 10:10pm

A website launched Friday with the backing of technology industry and Hollywood elite urges people worldwide to help craft a framework for harmony between all religions. The Charter for Compassion project on the Internet at springs from a "wish" granted this year to religious scholar Karen Armstrong at a premier Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) conference in California. ... Wishes granted at TED envision ways to better the world and come with a promise that Tedizens will lend their clout and capabilities to making them come true.

Marriage Today

The issue behind challenges to Proposition 8 Fri 2008-Nov-21 10:11pm

The central issue in the legal battle over Proposition 8 is whether the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage is a state constitutional amendment, which can be passed by initiative, or a constitutional revision, which can't. From another perspective, the question is whether the scope of a minority group's rights in California should be decided by the voters or the courts.


Is Earth at the heart of a giant cosmic void? Sat 2008-Nov-15 5:47pm

Nicolaus Copernicus's idea that Earth was just one of many planets orbiting the sun - and so occupied no exceptional position in the cosmos - has endured and become a foundation stone of our understanding of the universe. Could it actually be wrong, though? ... According to Ellis and others, our uncertainty about galaxy distances allows an interesting possibility. The distribution of matter could look the same in all directions, but vary with distance from us. In particular, we might be sitting in the middle of a "void" - a vast spherical bubble in an otherwise homogeneous universe. This bubble is not devoid of matter. In fact, most of the stars and galaxies we can see from Earth would be contained within it. It's just that everywhere beyond it, which is too far away to see, the density of stars and galaxies is much higher.


Unknown "Structures" Tugging at Universe, Study Says Tue 2008-Nov-11 10:29pm

On the outskirts of creation, unknown, unseen "structures" are tugging on our universe like cosmic magnets, a controversial new study says. Everything in the known universe is said to be racing toward the massive clumps of matter at more than 2 million miles (3.2 million kilometers) an hour—a movement the researchers have dubbed dark flow.


Pato Banton comes to the Red Fox Tavern Wed 2008-Oct-15 4:24pm

internationally heralded reggae musician, Pato Banton… period of reflection and dedication was also the time period in which Pato Banton became acquainted with the spiritual teachings of the Urantia Book. In 2005, he recorded on the double album "The Words of Christ", based on the book. This marked Pato's return to the music industry.