Blog Heap o'Urantiana Links 15 March 2018

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Links regarding faith and belief
and men, women, marriage, and family life,
also sciences, the spritual and the 'supernatural,'
and, of course, Jesus of Nazareth.

Family Patterns

Soup, Mommy?
Jane D'oh, Ace of Spades Thu 2018-Mar-15 8:59am

…I don't care how old a "boy" gets, when some men get sick they need some mom and some hot soup.…

And her son is no soiboy.

Man and Woman

No Boys Allowed
Mary Grabar, American Greatness Thu 2018-Mar-15 12:44pm

…In the intervening 10 years, as things have gotten worse for boys and men, the rhetoric about “white male privilege” has become more strident. There are mandatory classes on diversity. Workshops on “toxic masculinity” tell men they aren’t OK. Men are even attacked forthe way they sit on a chair or a subway seat. …

K-12: The War on Boys and Men
Bruce Deitrick Price, American Thinker Thu 2018-Mar-15 12:42pm

…The dirty big secret here is that our public schools don't announce social engineering; they simply do it, especially with regard to altering how children view themselves. Public schools suppress boys and uplift girls in many furtive ways.…