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US Congress Candidate "Abducted by Aliens"
Independent Tue 2017-Oct-17 5:02pm

A candidate for the United States' Congress has said she stands by her claims she was abducted to an alien spaceship at age seven, but that the incident shouldn't detract from what she's done here on Earth since then. … Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera … "I believe it is real. But I was seven years old. It was an experience I had a thousand years ago."…

Not People's Cube. Not the Onion.


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Sonoma County Sheriff deputy's Fire Response 10/8/17
Sonoma Sheriff, YouTube Tue 2017-Oct-17 5:14pm
Video, 5:26
Ann B: Most Definitely NOT Cowering In the Proverbial Stairwell…
Mildred Viola Todd (1924 - 2017)
Examiner-Enterprise Tue 2017-Oct-17 3:26pm

…wrote the book, "Starvation Corner" about her life with her family during the Great Depression in Bartlesville and was named the Women's Network Historian of the Year. In the book she talked about her parents, her father serving in WWI in Siberia and working in the garden and tending the animals and raising her children while her husband was off to war.…

…During Desert Storm, her son, Joe wrote that the Iraqi military had destroyed the church in the Christian village of Kani Masi in Northern Iraq. Money was being raised by the American soldiers to help rebuild the church and she took it upon herself to raise money and sent it to her son to help in rebuilding the church. The priest at the church asked for her photo and now it hangs in the rebuilt Kani Masi Church.
After collecting money for the church, she collected medical supplies which were sent to her son in Northern Iraq and were used for the Kurds in Northern Iraq who had been injured by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Army.…