Blog Heap o'Urantiana Links 7 August 2016

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Links regarding faith and belief
and men, women, marriage, and family life,
also sciences, the spritual and the 'supernatural,'
and, of course, Jesus of Nazareth.

Spiritual Matters

Planned Vigil to Highlight Plight of Egyptian Christians
Ali Waked, Breitbart Sun 2016-Aug-7 6:06pm

Christian Egyptian-Americans have come under fire for their intention to stage a vigil opposite the White House highlighting the plight of their community in Egypt.

The planned protest, prompted by a string of attacks on Christians, was subject to much social media controversy, leading the Coptic Pope to ask the organizers to cancel it.…

Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist)
Acts17Apologetics Sun 2016-Aug-7 6:04pm

Lots of people have been asking me how I became a Christian, because I sometimes mention that I'm a former atheist but I usually don't share much of my story. Here's a video explaining why I left atheism and became convinced that Jesus is Lord and that he died on the cross for sins and rose from the dead.…

Video: 34:05
Thousands of Christian Churches to be Demolished
Bare Naked Islam Sun 2016-Aug-7 6:02pm

FRANCE: 2800 more churches across the country, many of them centuries old, are scheduled for demolition… As the number of Frenchmen in France continues to decline due to record-low birth rates and out-of-control Muslim immigration, in many cities, Christians are becoming the minority.…

Man and Woman

Men and Women
It's Gender Dysphoria
Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D., Breitbart Sun 2016-Aug-7 11:35am

The American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has released a position paper denouncing popular approaches to transgender, declaring that the current protocol is founded upon “unscientific gender ideology,” which lacks any basis in real evidence.

The physicians argue that the assumption that gender dysphoria (GD)—a psychological condition in which people experience a marked incongruence between their experienced gender and their biological sex—is innate contradicts all relevant data and is based on ideology rather than science.…

Man Runs as Woman in Olympics
Selwyn Duke, American Thinker Sun 2016-Aug-7 11:05am

…owing to political correctness, a runner with, reportedly, no womb or ovaries but internal testes will be allowed to compete with women.…

The Olympics are past done and over. This year in Rio is the burial.