Blog Heap o'Urantiana Links 29 June 2016

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Links regarding faith and belief
and men, women, marriage, and family life,
also sciences, the spritual and the 'supernatural,'
and, of course, Jesus of Nazareth.

Spiritual Matters

Jesus Christ Virtual Reality Film Set for Christmas Release
Daniel Nussbaum, Breitbart Wed 2016-Jun-29 8:48pm

…“The viewers truly feel they are there with Jesus and his disciples,” director David Hansen said in a statement. “This is the most powerful story of all time and virtual reality is the perfect way to tell it.”…

Healing Ourselves

Zika Vaccines Effective in Animal Tests
Beth Mole, Ars Technica Wed 2016-Jun-29 2:24pm

Two types of experimental Zika vaccines, a DNA vaccine and an inactivated virus vaccine, were each able to completely protect mice with one dose, researchers report Tuesday in Nature.…

Modern Family Life

8 Best Quotes from Clarence Thomas’s Texas Abortion Dissent
Bre Payton, Federalist Wed 2016-Jun-29 2:11pm

…1. The court’s interpretation of “undue burden” is confusing as hell.

Today’s opinion does resemble Casey in one respect: After disregarding significant aspects of the Court’s prior jurisprudence, the majority applies the undue-burden standard in a way that will surely mystify lower courts for years to come.…