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Buildings Catch Fire, Masses Go Mad

Burning passions, absent intelligence, formula for disaster

I always find it intriguing how the Masses are UTTERLY STUPID and MISLED and INSANE, like about the "seven black church arsons."

Six burne churches

And by Masses I include the Judas Goats of the LaughingStock Media.

Check out the Daily Mail article from which the pictures above were taken.

Headline: SIX black churches stretching from Georgia to Ohio are burned down in seven days: Fears of tide of 'racist' violence as three are confirmed as arson

So, three of the churches burning are unrelated to arson, and the arsons may not be related to each other, but IGNORANT BUFFOON HEADLINE SCANNERS are easily led to the notion that RACISTS BURN SIX CHURCHES! Oh, now it's SEVEN… unrelated fires.

Nickarama at Weasel Zippers breaks down the church burnings.
Here's a short link to the article which you can pass along: http://bit.ly/1U9hdTC

…according to police more like a vandalism/kids thing
…possible arson
…‘white’ church, hit by lightning
…Arson …damage to youth area
…don’t know
…likely touched off by electrical short
…preliminary examination indicates it is not arson. …

The Masses are easily inflamed, not just from their ready, generally uninformed indignation, but because they are specifically, abysmally, ignorant of history.

We've had a "spate of black church burnings" before,* more than once, and guess what? Just like now, it's often black-on-black vandalism, for various reasons, plus untimely coincidence (mostly not arson).

Why is this news? Not because of a hate wave, but because a messed-up kid gunned down some innocent people and the Masses blamed it on the Confederacy and Republicans, so now everything is a hate crime (I exaggerate — barely — for emphasis). Nobody asks, what's the usual rate of these old wooden churches burning during the seasons of repairs and air conditioning? Hatemongers and race-baiters thrive on jumping to conclusions to fan the flames of division and suspicion.

The Masses have the opposite of the cover of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Their book just says, "#PANIC!"

Panic Media
On TruthRevolt, the lovely and talented Michelle Malkin covers "agenda-driven journalism," including past panics: Fanning the Flames of Another Black Church Arson Hoax

Radical Incline

USA - Common Core 2015 Map

If you can't bury history, submerge it

This is what will be taught as the "United States" in public schools, from now on.

USA map - Common Core 2015
Recent Rebel Repressions

• The National Park Service has removed merchandise with the Confederate battle flag from all its bookstores and gift shops, including Gettsyburg National Military Park.
— Charles Oliver, Reason

• The latest victim of the growing controversy over the Confederate flag is the 1980s TV series “The Dukes of Hazzard.” A TV Land spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that the network has pulled reruns of the series from its schedule, which had been airing twice a day. The network declined to comment on why…
—Andrea Morabito, NY Post
h/t Fox News
h/t Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit

Radical Incline

A Woman on the Ten-Spot

We'll just ignore the ten-buck you-know-what implications.

Suggestions for improving the US Ten-Dollar Bill
with women
and other ideas for monetary changes.

________ $ ________

My suggestion for a woman on a dollar:
$10 Federal Reserve Note

New Ten Dollar Bill with Rose Friedman
Click for larger image.

________ $ ________

Even Better
on $10 Silver Certificates

New Ten: Milton and Rose Friedman
Click for larger image.

Free to Choose video series on YouTube

________ $ ________

An entertaining alternative of an accomplished lady
CHARO New Window

New Ten: Charo
Click for larger image.

Charo performs Picante (That's Hot)
[4:25, YouTube, DjCole100]

________ $ ________

Somebody else already did this one. I changed the color.
New Three-Dollar Bill with
No apologies for using that term.

New Three-Dollar Bill: Obama
Click for larger image.

Obama's Gay Marriage Flip Flops
Obama was for the idea before he was against it
before he was sort-of for it
before he needed to be for it again.
(A 30-sec Mindful Webwork Video.)

________ $ ________

Not to be outdone by America,
Viet Nam issues currency honoring a woman

New Vietnam Note: Jane Fonda
Click for larger image.

The history of Hanoi Jane Fonda in Vietnam
[5:59, Gary Assell, YouTube]

________ ! ________

Supplemental viewing:
Julie Borowski
Julie Borowski: A Woman on the $10 Bill?

[YouTube, 3:05]

Radical Incline

Is It Pronounced "Heb"?

Para el presidente de la Unión de America del Norte

Jeb! (More Hispanic than Cruz declaresGeraldo) has released his exciting new logo for the 2016 election.

Here's Jeb's Tweet of the new logo.

And here's the Mexican version. (Trigger warning: stereotypical cultural appropriation!)

Jeb 2016 Ole!
A big hat-tip to the Moron horde at Ace of Spades, whose ideas I merely implemented.

These two Moronettes, specifically.

DangerGirl: He should have put a jaunty Sombrero on the J of Jeb!

Lady in Black: I'm surprised Jeb's ultra-boring logo didn't add one of those hispanic upside down exclamation points right before the J.

"Hillary!" vs "Jeb!" the battle of the exclamation points.

Dianny does a delighful bunch of Jeb! variations at Patriot Retort.