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Radical Incline

Hillary's Most Memorable Moments

No matter how much you may want to forget them!

Radical Incline

Donald Trump is a Class Act

The question is, which class?

Warning: Language unsuitable for children, genteel people, and Presidents.

Radical Incline

Wild Bill Meets Old Biff

America, PRAISE God. And God, BLESS America. Please.

Studies show Wild Bill for America is right-on 97.976% of the time,
which is well above average.
However, there is one major cringe-inducing bit he has incorporated into his act
that he thinks is clever and cute and meaningful.
Old Biff begs to differ.

Radical Incline

Rile the Snake

at your own risk

Sources, gratefully acknowledged

Press conf - Wash Free Beacon

Snake - Professional Sound Effects
Snakes - 4 Creators
Forest Fire - HQSFX

Hekmati - EA Worldview
Rezainian - HNGN
Abedini - Fox News
Levinson - Daily Mail

Radical Incline

Bernie's Plan

What's more politically correct than a woman candidate?