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In a video obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama tells an audience of black ministers, including the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that the U.S. government shortchanged Hurricane Katrina victims because of racism. … The racially charged and at times angry speech undermines Obama’s carefully-crafted image as a leader eager to build bridges between ethnic groups. For nearly 40 minutes, using an accent he almost never adopts in public, Obama describes a racist, zero-sum society, in which the white majority profits by exploiting black America. The mostly black audience shouts in agreement. The effect is closer to an Al Sharpton rally than a conventional campaign event.

2:54pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

When Mexican authorities took Juarez drug cartel carnage king Jose Antonio Acosta Hernandez — better known as “El Diego” — into custody, he had weapons from Operation Fast and Furious on his person, the English-language transcript of the Spanish-language television network Univision’s special investigation into the scandal shows.

2:41pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

[Jon Stewart rips Obama over Libyan cover-up. (Although Jon refuses to call it a cover-up.)]

11:26am CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW
Cutie-Pie O

Not much time to hang out this morning, got to hit the suburban highway system which will be filled with productive, taxpaying members of society hustling off to their jobs. Trucks will be everywhere, bringing the seasons crops from my area to the asphalt jungle of Philadelphia so that the people don't starve.

Words can not adequately express my utter contempt for the current occupant of the White House. But I'll try. He's a divisive race baiting arrogant egotistical prick who couldn't be trusted to run a hot dog stand.

11:11am CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Animals can be Dangerous


When he wasn't seen for several hours, a family member went to look for him, and found Garner's dentures on the ground in front of the hog enclosure…

3:05pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Big Brother

Researchers from the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center have developed malicious software that can remotely seize control of the camera on an infected smartphone and employ it to spy on the phone’s user. [Hunh! I always presumed this was developed long ago.]

3:02pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Know the Enemy

CNN's Arwa Damon describes the scene inside the consulate in Benghazi, Libya after the deadly Sept. 11 attack. [video]

12:44pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Mass Media is Dead

UPDATE: Still no ABC, CBS, NBC coverage of Univision's Fast and Furious report on Monday's evening newscasts or Tuesday's morning shows.

12:42pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Virtual Future is Now

Taking the notion of online collaboration to a whole new level, VinylMint has created a cloud-based solution for musicians to jam and record in real time.

3:13pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Theory of Sex Education

“was forced, on multiple occasions, to engage in explicit sex acts with other children and forced to perform oral sex on children his own age.”

The Star reports that the alleged incidents took place in the library, the school bathroom and in the second-grade classroom.

3:07pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Animals and Transport

When he pulled up to a traffic light in East Providence, another driver told him there was a dog wedged in the front grill of his car. … “It had a concussion from a bang to the head (and) a small rupture in its bladder. It was a very lucky dog,”

3:09pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Defending Ourselves

Acting Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla added, "Tucson Sector mourns the loss of one of our own. It stands as a reminder of the dangers that agents of CBP face every day. We appreciate our state, local, federal and international partners for their support and commitment in seeking justice in this tragedy,"

3:11pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

US Election 2012

The once unstoppable Obama movement has constipated to a halt. He was once a god, and now he is man -- a nasty, unsuccessful man, who blames everyone and everything for his serial failures.

After all is said and done, what is he left with? The same hardcore group of delusional ideologues who would vote for him even if they came home from work and caught him beating their grandmothers to death with his Nobel Prize -- but these voters were never in play anyway.

Obama is going to lose in a landslide. And Barack Obama, the media, and the polling organizations will be appropriately shocked.

8:17pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW

Peggy Hackney, an analyst working with the New York University Movement Lab, has examined the body language exhibited by President Obama and Mitt Romney in a number of speeches and debates. Here is a look at some of the signature gestures that they use. [Multimedia]

12:59pm CDT Wed 2012 Oct 3 :MW