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Wars and Rumors

Iran's navy does not have the size for a sustained physical blockade of the Strait, but does have mine-laying and missile capability to wreak some havoc, analysts said. ... the Bahrain-based U.S. Fifth Fleet is nearby and keeping a close eye on Iran's activities in the Strait....

8:09am CST Sat 2011 Dec 31 :MW

Bad Parents

Two northern Arizona parents have been arrested after photos of their children allegedly being abused were posted on Facebook. ... children, ages 2 years and 10 months... bound with duct tape around their wrists and ankles. Their mouths were taped shut, and one of the children was hung upside down by some exercise equipment.... "The photos depicted the children's faces in sheer terror," says Cmdr. Gilliland....

8:13am CST Sat 2011 Dec 31 :MW

Lost and Found

A Swedish woman's recent toiling in her garden turned up a rather unexpected harvest when she pulled a carrot out of the ground 'wearing' the wedding ring she had lost back in 1995. ... “Our daughter Anna was at home at the time and she heard an almighty scream from the garden...."

7:49am CST Sat 2011 Dec 31 :MW

Free Expression

t was Google co-founder Sergey Brin who warned that the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act "would put us on a par with the most oppressive nations in the world." Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman argue that the bills give the Feds unacceptable "power to censor the Web."

But these companies have yet to roll out the heavy artillery.

When the home pages of,,, and their Internet allies simultaneously turn black with anti-censorship warnings that ask users to contact politicians about a vote in the U.S. Congress the next day on SOPA, you'll know they're finally serious.

8:15am CST Sat 2011 Dec 31 :MW

Unclear on the Concept

a student in UK has actually converted 0.01% of the Wikipedia encyclopedia into a printed book [um... huh?]

8:05pm CST Thu 2011 Dec 29 :MW

Lost and Found

A girl who was swept away in the Indian Ocean tsunami seven years ago said Friday she broke down in tears this week after tracking down her parents, who had long lost hope of finding her alive. The 15-year-old showed up in Aceh province’s hard-hit town of Meulaboh earlier this week, saying that not long after the wave hit she was “adopted” by a woman who called her Wati and forced her to beg, sometimes beating her and keeping her in the streets until 1 a.m. When the teen stopped bringing in money, she was told, “Go ahead, leave ... go find your parents then, they’re in Meulaboh.”

6:34pm CST Thu 2011 Dec 29 :MW

People Live

Sam Schmid, an Arizona college student believed to be brain dead and poised to be an organ donor, miraculously recovered just hours before doctors were considering taking him off life support.

6:31pm CST Thu 2011 Dec 29 :MW

Human Right

...check out this speech [Newt Gingrich] gave to the NRA convention back in April. If you don’t have time for the full 26-minute speech, watch from around the 5:18 mark to about the 14:30 mark

6:36pm CST Thu 2011 Dec 29 :MW

Defending Ourselves

‘He's talking to me just as calmly as I'm sitting here talking. ‘He told me: “I've been shot three times, my fingers are in the bullet holes, the police are going to take care of the kids...."'
[via Daily Caller, h/t to Vic at Ace of Spades

6:41pm CST Thu 2011 Dec 29 :MW

Free Expression

An effort by GoDaddy customers to boycott the domain registrar over its support for Hollywood-backed copyright legislation has sparked allegations of foul play.... technical barriers to prevent its customers from leaving. GoDaddy lost over 70,000 domains last week.... denies any wrongdoing... On December 23, GoDaddy partially caved, announcing that it was no longer backing SOPA, but stopping short of saying it will oppose the legislation.... [Note: This site is hosted on GoDaddy. For now.]

6:39pm CST Thu 2011 Dec 29 :MW


Just as Easter ranks below Kwanzaa in the estimation of the Manchurian Moonbat, Christmas can’t hold a candle to Ramadan, about which Obama is evidently better informed, and which he obviously takes more seriously.... [Video contrasts Obama's statements. Comment: The evil that SCOAMFs do live after them! We just hope, not very long.]

9:39pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

(ABC News) — What’s the trait you most deplore in yourself, and the trait you most deplore in others?

9:05pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders. Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms [listed] Although some features of narcissistic personality disorder may seem like having confidence or strong self-esteem, it's not the same. Narcissistic personality disorder crosses the border of healthy confidence and self-esteem into thinking so highly of yourself that you put yourself on a pedestal. In contrast, people who have healthy confidence and self-esteem don't value themselves more than they value others.

9:03pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Obama's record doesn't match his rhetoric on his accomplishments. [Video]

8:42pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

My Magnificent Seven. Some bust myths. Others highlight a reality the media is ignoring. Enjoy! ... 7. America’s debt picture is worse than you think.....

8:29pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Theory of Education

Hughes, a local union president, is pitching the idea that school board membership be limited to people who “have worked in the education field,” because the issues at hand are “so complex” and too complicated for average citizens.

9:23pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Big Brother

A new technology called ShotSpotter enables law enforcement officials to precisely and instantaneously locate shooters, and it has been quietly rolling out across America. From Long Island, N.Y., to San Francisco, Calif., more than 60 cities in the U.S. have been leveraging ShotSpotter to make their streets safer.

9:24pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Smart meters should come in handy when the EPA inflicts its self-granted mandate to force every aspect of our lives to comply with obscure bureaucratic conceptions of “sustainability.” [Video]

9:23pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

The Bartlesville Municipal Authority heard a presentation by Water Utilities Director Mike Hall about a proposed automated meter reading project.

9:02pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

OKC Bombing -- still with us

Holder had authorized the FBI to provide the explosives to McVeigh and Nichols in conjunction with a Clinton administration undercover operation

9:28pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Using e-mails and handwritten notes acquired in that lawsuit, Trentadue demonstrated in his correspondence to Patrick Leahy that then-Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder had engineered a scheme to sidetrack any investigation into his brother’s death in order to “deflect congressional oversight and media attention.”

9:26pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Under Tyranny

What kind of disastrous economic policy results in the death by starvation of up to 3 million people in a nation with the population of Texas?

8:44pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Mass Media is Dead

Fairey “used a collage of scenes from the Arab Spring to Moscow to Occupy Wall Street as a backdrop, images he said shows the dramatic accumulation of these global protests,” TIME wrote… TIME selected a [single] dead-beat American credit-junkie to symbolize the brave souls who risked everything in their struggle for freedom…
8:28pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Animal Companions

A cat that went missing in New Mexico while on a trip with a man bicycling across the country to raise money for animal shelters has been found. Twenty-one-year-old Ted Brady and his kitten, Pikachu, had been on a two-month bike trip that began Oct. 19 in Bartlesville, Okla.

9:36pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW


Researchers have discovered an elaborate 44,000-year-old Neanderthal house in Molodova, eastern Ukraine, made from mammoth bones, delicately decorated with carvings and pigments.... suggests the early human ancestors settled in areas where they built structures to live for extended periods of time....

9:11pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

Modern Family Life

Less than two weeks after finding out about the tumor, the McCartneys decided to go ahead with open fetal surgery, a procedure that had been successfully completed fewer than 20 times worldwide. It would be the first time the operation would be conducted at Texas Children's Hospital. But with Macie's heart getting weaker by the day and excess fluid building up around it, there wasn't much time to deliberate.
8:40pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW

US Election 2012

One devout libertarian told me recently that candidate Paul "believes in all the things I do about the menace of government control, and he's a defender of the Constitution—I just intend to take what I like about him." The speaker, educated and highly accomplished in his field (music), is a committed internationalist whose views on American power are polar opposites of those his candidate espouses. No matter. Having tuned out all else that candidate has said—with, yes, perfect consistency—it was enough for him that Dr. Paul upheld libertarian values. This admirer is representative of a fair number of people now flocking to the Paul campaign or thinking of doing so.

9:07pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 28 :MW


$45.1 Trillion:
Total Federal Spending Proposed By Obama’s FY2012 Budget Through 2021. (OMB, 9/1/11)

$24.0 Trillion:
Projected Federal Debt In 2021 Due To Obama’s Binge Spending. (OMB, 9/1/11)

$15.1 Trillion:
Current National Debt ($15,073,380,701,589.57). (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 12/6/11)

$9.1 Trillion:
Amount Obama’s FY2012 Budget Would Add To The Debt Through FY2021. (OMB, 9/1/11)

[h/t The Conservatory]

7:21pm CST Mon 2011 Dec 26 :MW

After he signed the omnibus into law Friday, the White House released a concurrent signing statement saying Obama will object to portions of the legislation on constitutional grounds. Signing statements are highly controversial, and their legality is disputed.

7:18pm CST Mon 2011 Dec 26 :MW


18 Last night, my daughter just walked into the living room and said, "Dad, cancel my allowance immediately. Throw out all my clothes, take away my TV, my stereo, my iPhone, and my iPod. Please take all of my jewelry to the Salvation Army or give it to Goodwill. Then sell my car, my horse, and laptop. Take my front door key away from me, throw me out of the house and rent my room out. You must disown me and never talk to me again. And don't forget to write me out of your will and leave my share to my sisters."

Well, she didn't put it quite like that. She actually said...

“Dad, I have decided to work for Obama's re-election campaign”.

Posted by: real joe at December 23, 2011 07:33 AM

8:41pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 23 :MW

It's All in Your Mind

Paranoid Personality Types — We're not crazy. Those are just Zionist lies spread by the CIA and utility companies. -Ace

8:25pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 23 :MW

Bad Parents

posted a photo of his 1-year-old daughter bound in duct tape on Facebook... hands bound by blue tape. Another strip of tape covered her mouth. A caption with the photo read, "This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back."

5:31pm CST Wed 2011 Dec 21 :MW

Know the Enemy

The Hare Krishna temple in Vanløse (Copenhagen) was attacked by young Muslims on December 6. It started when young Muslim terrorists threw stones, and later, armed with clubs, tried to break into the temple.... The temple is now urging its supporters not to wear the distinctive orange robes near the temple to avoid physical attacks.... The reason for the attack in Copenhagen may have been that a Muslim motorist was annoyed that a Hare Krishna follower criticized his awkward parking.... When unknown assailants tried to set fire to a mosque in Brønshøj, it was in almost all media. The Muslim attack on Hare Krishna has still not been mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media.

12:54pm CST Sun 2011 Dec 18 :MW

Animal Culture

"If you want to learn how badly your public lands are managed, just look at the wild horse program," says Leigh, who has closely followed and challenged the roundups for two years. "It's not working at all." This is one thing on which wild horse advocates and ranchers can agree. [Photo series from Hughes Ranch, Bartlesville]

2:03pm CST Sun 2011 Dec 18 :MW

Political World

Vaclav Havel, a dissident playwright jailed by Communists who became Czech president and a symbol of peace and freedom after leading the bloodless "Velvet Revolution," died at 75 on Sunday. ... Just six months after completing his last jail sentence, Havel led hundreds of thousands of protesters in Prague's cobblestone streets in a peaceful uprising in November 1989 that ended Soviet-backed rule. Just over a month later, he was installed as president in Prague Castle. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said on Twitter: "Vaclav Havel was one of the greatest Europeans of our age. His voice for freedom paved the way for a Europe whole and free."

12:44pm CST Sun 2011 Dec 18 :MW

Know the Enemy

In an historic hearing in the federal courthouse in Manhattan on Thursday, U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels said he planned to issue a ruling in the coming days declaring that Iran shares in the responsibility for the 9/11 terror attacks.

“The extensive record submitted to this court, including fact witnesses and expert testimony, is satisfactory to this court,” Judge Daniels said. The court “accepts as true” the various allegations of the plaintiffs and their experts, he declared, and “will issue an order” in the coming days that Iran bears legal responsibility for providing “material support” to the 9/11 plotters and hijackers.

8:06pm CST Sat 2011 Dec 17 :MW

Art of

The $2 million barrier has been broken, with Nicolas Cage’s CGC 9.0 copy of Action Comics #1 now holding the all time auction record.
12:50pm CST Sat 2011 Dec 17 :MW

Governing Ourselves

[Portrait of the first black American Senator and Congressmen]

8:20pm CST Sat 2011 Dec 17 :MW

Being Human

People with a certain gene trait are known to be more kind and caring than people without it, and strangers can quickly tell the difference

12:54pm CST Sat 2011 Dec 17 :MW


Estimated bare minimum cost of Mooch’s impatience: $100,000. Good thing for her it’s someone else’s money.

7:11pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Eric Holder is an attorney general who is specifically horrid. Unfortunately, his sheer inadequacy allows him to fit in perfectly with this particular president’s cabinet.

Holder fails at what should be the first qualification for his job, namely in how he promotes depraved behavior instead of freaking stopping it. It may offer precisely zero comfort, but imagine how much more damage he would inflict if he was any good.

The only present relief is knowing that someone with bad ideas is bad at making things happen, although Holder has managed to inflict quite enough bloodshed even with his astoundingly limited skill set.

4:57pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Wars and Rumors

Using knowledge gleaned from previous downed American drones and a technique proudly claimed by Iranian commanders in September, the Iranian specialists then reconfigured the drone's GPS coordinates to make it land in Iran at what the drone thought was its actual home base in Afghanistan. [h/t War News Updates]

10:18pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Iraq War's 'Last Casualty' (The 4,483rd American) Is Mourned

7:09pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Know the Enemy

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is rebranding itself to try to lose the negative "baggage" associated with the larger terror organization's identity, according to a senior Arab diplomat who says the Yemeni-based group is trying to attract more foreign fighters to its cause.

6:38pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Art of

Captain America
One of the last of the founding fathers of comic books, writer/editor/artist/publisher Joe Simon, died yesterday at the age of 98… first editor at Marvel Comics… [co-created] Captain America with artist Jack Kirby… [and] Guardian and the Newsboy Legion, the Boy Commandos, and Manhunter… created the romance comic… one of a handful of creators without whom the American comic book field would not be as we know it today….
6:42pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Repeal! Repeal! Repeal!

Merely having a state medical marijuana card, BATFE insists, means that you fall afoul of Sect. 922(g) of the federal criminal code (from the 1968 federal Gun Control Act), which says that anyone “who is an unlawful user of or addicted to any controlled substance” is basically barred from possessing or receiving guns or ammo (with the bogus assertion that such possession implicates interstate commerce, which courts will pretty much always claim it does).

10:21pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Governing Ourselves

Time lapse animation of the demolition of 660 W. Division, one of the last remaining buildings within the Cabrini-Green housing projects in Chicago.

4:59pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Opposing Tyranny

For the first time on record, the Chinese Communist party has lost all control, with the population of 20,000 in this southern fishing village now in open revolt.

The last of Wukan’s dozen party officials fled on Monday after thousands of people blocked armed police from retaking the village, standing firm against tear gas and water cannons.

6:44pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW

Free Expression

What the SOPA legislation allows government to do is to consign all those foolish “pulldown” requests to the dustbin, and simply to freeze the entire offending site on the basis, not even necessarily of that site having reproduced some copyright-infringing (in their judgments, of course) material, but simply to have linked to it. Once a complaint is made, there is a presumption of guilt, and the matter drops out of their hands, to be litigated in the usual ways.

Such a process clearly works against the small, independent blogger, and provides a lot of potentially remunerative busywork for lawyers. It also provides a lot of potential for professional and semi-professional “offense chasers” to get kickbacks (or referrals, if you prefer) for discovering transgressions, and for ideologically driven offense chasers to tie up sites whose views offend them personally with nuisance lawsuits.

5:14pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW


It’s time for a different type of redneck joke. Rednecks know who they are, and have been very tolerant of mockery, and they don’t require the jokes to come from another redneck, lest you be killed.

Take a look at these and ask yourself, am I a redneck?

You might be a redneck if: It never occurred to you to be offended by the phrase, ‘One nation under God.’ ....

6:46pm CST Fri 2011 Dec 16 :MW