It's Your Decision

It's all in your mind!

Segue sometimes from Infinitive
It's your decision
     F           G
It's all in your mind
To pick up your choice
        F          G
Or keep dragging behind.
The world is your apple,
        F           G
They're waiting for you.
    A                   F
:|  Make sure you don't bite off
   more than you can chew. |:
Potential placement,
That's just you today.
The path may be chosen
But you choose to go the way.
You choose how to be,
To endure what derision.
:|  It's all in your mind.
   It's all your decision.  |:
If you think that you
Aren't up to this plan,
You do what you must
But not what you can.
Choose a course with the knowledge
of what you can be,
:|  And leave all the rest
   to the piloting Three.  |:
Most people aren't ready
For working alone,
So if you're one of those,
Choose a group of your own.
Help cooperation
Supplant competition.
:|  We'll all get there the sooner
   the less repetition.  |:
It's All in Your Mind (the cartoon)
A meditation on that tricky little entity you're using so poorly right now.
·Order the mini-comic in print — 8pg b&w, $1.00US includes postage from MINDFUL, Box 1215, Bartlesville OK 74005-1215 USA.
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Performed in Mindful Webworkshop #11, 2016 Oct 21.